Quad Webb Issues a Reminder After It’s Confirmed She’s Not Leaving ‘Married to Medicine’

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Quad Webb had concerns about her “Married to Medicine” contract.

There have been a lot of rumors about the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine.” However, the biggest one may have involved Phaedra Parks. It turns out the rumors were true. And Phaedra has officially joined the “Married to Medicine” cast for the upcoming season. Interestingly enough, Dr. Heavenly Kimes mentioned she was looking forward to filming with Phaedra. She also said that fans needed to start wondering what Quad’s status will be on the new season. Since Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Anila Sajja are out, many figured Quad would still be in especially since her ex-husband is returning. Plus. Dr. Gregory Lunceford is now a married man again. So he and his wife have been filming.

Quad herself addressed her status on the show to fans on her Instagram posts. She told them that she was fighting for a contract that she felt was fair. And she also made it clear that she was willing to walk away from the show if need be. So her coworkers would need to step it up if she wasn’t able to secure the right terms.

She also wasn’t here when some “Married to Medicine” fans said that she couldn’t afford to leave the show because she has a new house. Quad clapped back at this notion. And she said that her investments were handling her mortgage. So she could afford to not be on the show if need be.

The contract issue was handled.

This of course was upsetting for Quad’s supporters. They took to social media to call out producers and some even threatened to boycott the new season. However, a boycott will not be necessary. Deadline is reporting that Quad was able to iron out her contract. And she will be on the upcoming season.

Hours ago, Quad seemingly hinted at her victory in an Instagram caption. She wrote, “Always the 1 and NEVER the 2 😘”


      1. Quad, is just a typical, lying, busy body that keeps negative bullshyt going. She’s a tag alone that has no life, and nothing interesting to bring to the show!

    1. Phaedra didn’t deliver on Marriage Boot Camp, BFV, RHUGT, or RH Dubai. She better step it up this time because Kandi is not leaving RHOA.

    2. U are so right Phaedra parks and that Mia does she’s dating that Dentist was on marriage Boot Camp and it was fake as ever. She don’t even want him. She wouldn’t even let him kiss her. She treated him like she did not want him so I know this is fate for her is just to make money that’s it so don’t believe the hype when is coming to these two trust me I’ve been watching them on marriage. Boot Camp is fake.

  1. This could be Quad’s best season yet if she plays her cards right. I definitely don’t care to see her go at it with Toya again. With her ex back and Phaedra there, there’s no excuse for a lackluster season.

  2. It would not have made sense for Quad to not be on this season especially with her ex back on the show with his new wife….say what u want about Quad she is very ENTERTAINING and her READS be READINGS and her BODY be BODYING and Her Beauty….hold up I’m getting off track 🤣 Quad mat not be MTM but she is MTM PERIOD!!!!!!

  3. Quad is the weakest link and they could have left her off of this season. Not needed bc she adds ZERO value tho the shoe!

  4. Yasss Quad get ‘em honey sing it….🎤🎶That’s right….. always the one, never two, but they knew that, tell ‘em leave the drama for the news thats how we do that 👏🏽👏🏽

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