Dr. Heavenly Kimes Speaks After Quad Webb’s Fans Question the Status of Their Friendship

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Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ feud with Dr. Simone Whitmore was very controversial.

Married to Medicine” fans have heard a lot of details about the upcoming season. At first, it was looking as if Quad Webb wouldn’t be returning. She told her Instagram followers she wasn’t happy with the contract she was offered. So she was holding out for what she felt like she deserved. This comes as her ex-husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford has returned with his new wife, Tea Lunceford. Phaedra Parks has also joined the cast with her doctor boo. Luckily, Quad was able to work out things to get the contract where she wanted it to be. However, Greg’s return and Tea’s seamless transition into the group have some of Quad’s fans wondering if she’s on the outs with the majority of her coworkers.

In particular, her fans have noticed that she’s missing in a lot of the cast photos they have been posting to social media. Despite Dr. Heavenly Kimes‘ past blowups with Dr. Simone Whitmore and Cecil Whitmore, she was at the couple’s July 4th get-together. Quad was not. Gregory and Tea were there as well. So some of Quad’s fans have been asking Heavenly what’s going on.

Well, Heavenly did an Instagram Live session recently.

She said, “I’m friends with everybody who’s friends with me y’all. I don’t put nobody down, I see y’all questions. I kind of skip through it…I don’t put nobody down cause I feel like everybody makes mistakes. So I’m forgiving, especially on that show bull swiss cause it’s a lot. It’s a lot and it’s very confusing. And a lot of people get confused so you know what? I’m everybody’s friend.”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes made peace with Cecil Whitmore.

When one of her followers wrote that they don’t see her hang around Quad anymore, Heavenly said she only hangs out with Dr. Damon Kimes and their daughter Alaura Kimes. Alaura is currently attending Florida A&M University.

“I never see y’all hang around anymore? Who? I don’t really hang with nobody. The person that I hang out with is my man and now that my baby gone…my best friend was my daughter. That was my road dog. We went to Paris, we went to Italy, we went everywhere together…even when my man went, y’all never saw my man because he didn’t want to be in the videos. A lot of the times y’all see me on trips and stuff, he be there.”

Heavenly also talked about attending Cecil and Simone’s 4th of July party, “We had a good time. I hung out with Simone and Cecil. What they did not know is that I know how to play Spades very, very well and I had to whip all they tails. I hate to come to people’s house and beat them.”

She even likes Cecil now, “Cecil real good too, now. Cecil is the bomb. Let me tell y’all something, Cecil is the man. I really like Cecil now, I really do. I really do. He’s a really nice guy. And he knows how to play Spades really good.”

Heavenly said that the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine” is full of drama, but it’s not what people expect.

Check out the whole video here.


  1. Quad and Heavenly never had a real friendship in my opinion. I think they just linked up because they hated Mariah. But I expected Quad to cool off on Heavenly when I saw her hanging out with the new wife. Quad likes her friends to pick a side (hers).

  2. I remember when Quad helped them push Mariah off her own show. It’s cute Quad’s fans want her to be a victim now.

  3. Quad and her fans really need to grow up. They have such a childish mindset. Quad herself said she was on good terms with Greg and she congratulated him on his engagement. So why on earth are they mad about Heavenly getting along with Greg and his wife? They film a show together. Heavenly has no reason to hate Greg or Tea and neither does Quad. So I hope she isn’t cutting up about them being on the show. Greg should have never been fired any way. He really does hang out with all these people a lot. Quad doesn’t fool with any of these people when they aren’t filming.

    1. Begone Quad,The useless fraud! She used Mariah, Gregory get her body, and the ladies to help get rid of any threat! No worries! Don’t like ugly!!!

  4. This show for all intent and purpose has seen its best days. No amount of adding or subtracting to the cast is going to save it. Heavenly is butchering the English language and she is a Dr of dentistry ,?. Go away. It’s over

  5. Heavenly and Quad were not really friends. Unlike the other ladies they didn’t hang out outside of filming. Quad said herself that they were not her friends, just coworkers. The other cast members hang out when not filming including Greg and spouse.

  6. Why would she wanna deal with them? They’re all fake n phony and just bc they choose to put up with their husbands cheating ways (Dr. Jackie & Dr. Simone) she didn’t! Or be like Toya in a relationship with a man she obviously isn’t satisfied with sexually but aye, he’s providing for her! Lol and no, I’m not only a Quad fan but I’m a fan of the show and can call a spade a spade! They’re fake as h-ll and I’m still waiting on Toya’s lie detector! It’s on inadmissible if you know you’re guilty!

    1. I’ve said the same thing these ladies straddle the fence when it comes to friendship. I don’t think I’ll be watching if it returns can’t stand Gregory voice

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