Quad Webb Says ‘Married to Medicine’ Producers Disrespected Her by Bringing Ex & Wife On

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Quad Webb had issues with her contract before filming the next season of “Married to Medicine.”

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb had a lot of fans speculating about the upcoming season. When it was confirmed the cast started filming, Quad was nowhere to be found. Interestingly enough, Phaedra Parks had already begun filming as a new full-time cast member. Phaedra’s exit from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” was very controversial. In fact, Kandi Burruss still refuses to be on the show if Phaedra is ever brought back to the platform in any capacity. To no surprise, the announcement of Phaedra’s official return to Bravo has been a hot topic on social media.

But what also had a lot of people talking was the decision to bring back Dr. Gregory Lunceford. Not only did Dr. G return, but his new wife, Lateasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford is one of the new full-time wives. When fans learned about Gregory and Tea filming scenes, they wondered if Quad was out. Quad told her fans she was holding out because she wasn’t happy with the contract she was offered. And she would only return if the contract was fixed.

Weeks later, Quad confirmed she had signed the contract and had begun filming scenes for the new season. Since Quad publicly congratulated Tea and Gregory on their engagement via social media, some fans figured Quad wasn’t upset about her ex and his wife joining the show. However, Quad recently said that the decision to bring them into the fold was disrespectful. She said all of this during her latest appearance on Dr. Heavenly Kimes‘ YouTube channel.

Quad Webb said it was disrespectful to bring Dr. Gregory Lunceford back to Married 2 Med.

Heavenly said, “It’s no secret that this is the first time I believe, tell me if I’m wrong, that we’ve had Reality TV show somebody go through a tumultuous marriage, get a divorce, and then bring back the husband and then the new fiancée which turns into his new wife. That’s unprecedented.”

She added, “How do you feel about them doing that?”

Quad answered, “Well, honestly I have to keep it real with you. All the things that you know and stated is absolutely true just a moment ago. Sure, in reference to what I’ve been through and see with the ex-husband and the new wife on the show…I feel disrespected, I feel disrespected.”

She continued, “The conversation was never had with me and I’ve been a staple on this show since conception. Just knowing that it wasn’t a pleasant, pleasant marriage and people kind of having some understanding and some insight about what transpired in our marriage. And clearly, we sat there on the stage in New York with Andy Cohen and we were authentic and very real and raw. So things were stated there and I just feel like where was the respect for me when this decision was made? And I know my cast members don’t make this decision.”


  1. Quad can really sit down with this victim narrative she’s trying to sell. Since she mentioned how she’s been a “staple” of the show since its conception, let’s talk about how badly she treated the person who created the show and put her on it in the first place. Quad not only helped producers remove Mariah from the show but she befriended the Indian woman they replaced her with. Not only was it despicable to fire Mariah but they literally just went out and found an Indian family replacement when they didn’t even want to show Mariah’s life/marriage/balance of two cultures her family could have shown on the platform if given that chance. Instead they focused on Quad lying about her using drugs. So I don’t care about her ego being bruised because Greg and his wife are there now. They’re actually married to medicine anyway, something Quad hasn’t been in years. No one owes her anything. She knows nothing about loyalty anyway.

    1. I agree, she’s saying she’s been on the show since the conception; which means if she hadn’t been married to Gregory she would’ve qualified as a single woman. So get over it you’re no longer married to medicine and he his the medicine.

    2. I totally agree with this statement and we’ll said. Bye Quad!!! Go back to your friends on Sister Circle

    3. I agree full heartily. She was the disrespectful one. I remember how put full she looked when she was brought on the show. So stew in yr chir.

  2. The fact that Quad watched the same producers treat Mariah like trash but she would be the exception speaks to how narcissistic and delusional she is. 🙄

  3. Is this lady okay?! Your employer doesn’t need your permission to hire anyone. She’s still on the show even though she’s not married to medicine and she’s told despicable lies on people for storylines. And she’s never been held accountable for it either. Seems like to me she’s been given more grace from production than she deserves. Greg and his wife are actually friends with the cast in real life, something Quad is not. Them being on the show makes more sense than her still being there. Time for her to get over herself.

    1. Quad (and a lot of these folks) listen to their rabid fan base. The one that hype them up and cheer on when they display bad behavior. She see all these people saying that Quad is the show (lol).

      I believe she tried to hold out for more money just so she could say she’s worth more (lol – again!) but they probably couldn’t care less if she came back and she caved because she wants the money.

      When she got Sister Circle she thought her time had come and she schitted on M2M. She had her book and she believed she wouldn’t NEED to have to go back to M2M. She was wrong and she’s been acting a loud fool on the show ever since. Quad tries to play so unbothered by G’s new wife and I’m sure she wishes she could secure a new guy to put in their face but it she has yet to find a man to display. I remember her hinting at dating but I guess nothing came of it. We’ll see.

      So far from what I’ve seen online, I like Dr. G’s new wife Sweet Tea. She seems to really love him and not acting like he should be happy she looked his way – like Quad did.

      I hope Quad’s storyline for this year isn’t based on her ex and his now.

    1. ALL FACTS! Who does she thinks she is? You’re Quad, just another black female woman on REALITY TELEVISION (thanks to Mariah)😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. You lived in Atlanta, she’s trying so hard to be That Girl (sit down) she was at Sheree, home in the corner 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀maybe she trying to get on the Housewives. I’m glad Dr. G is back on the show can’t wait for the upcoming season.

  4. She knew they were coming..that’s why she held out for more money,& once she got it,now here comes the drama..quad fake as they come

  5. Quad, treated her ex like crap and totally disrespected him. She married him for a come up. Didn’t she leave the show and talk mess about everyone. Why is she on there isn’t it Married to Medicine. She needs to go!!

  6. Nah, Quad gotta stop this sh-t. She speaks like no one knows her track record and history of actions on and off the show. This is karma for Mariah. Enjoy and stop crying.

  7. Agreed on every comment that was made. Quad thinks she’s innocent in everything and doesn’t take accountability for nothing but always playing victim. She tore Mariah down tried to destroy her reputation with her lies that in my opinion was vicious and she didn’t care 1 bit. So now she feels disrespected Quad go take several seats somewhere anywhere just go!!

  8. Chile if they fired Mariah, NONE of them are safe. These producers don’t care. Quad should know that since she was Mariah’s biggest backstabber even though Mariah and Aydin held her down when she had nothing. Show business is a dirty business.

  9. I’m sorry but this show is too awkward for a single person to be on. The focus is always on their marriages and Quad just sits there awkwardly every couples trip. Why is she so afraid to branch out and leave this show?

  10. Oh so she forgot she is an employee. No job needs to clear who they hire with the rest of the staff. We all the help

  11. Quad had the opportunity to NOT RETURN.. Life is about choices and she has made hers. If you have another revenue stream this would have been time to use it; if you felt disrespected…
    Quad it is all about the $$$.

    1. Most Bravo celebrities don’t have a 2nd stream of income that can sustain their lavish spending.

      That’s why you see the same people every season

  12. Quad is so delusional 🙄. Girl didn’t know that the boss doesn’t check with employees about who they hire? She forgot that they got
    rid of the boss, (Mariah), who may would have taken her feelings into account. Oops, but Quad lied and tried to destroy her. Sorry, not sorry.

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