Dr. Heavenly Kimes Puts Quad Webb on Blast + Says Sweet Tea is Being Used as a Scapegoat

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Quad Webb isn’t feeling Lateasha Lunceford and Dr. Gregory Lunceford on Married 2 Med.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb has been very vocal about her disappointment with Dr. Gregory Lunceford and Lateasha Lunceford being added to the cast. Sweet Tea is a main cast member. During the last couple of episodes, she and Quad have interacted. Phaedra Parks invited Quad to the bachelorette party. She and Toya Bush-Harris were in charge of planning the event for Tea. Interestingly enough, Phaedra didn’t tell anyone she was inviting Quad. So when Quad walked in, Toya was instantly irritated. She called out Quad and Phaedra. Toya even had some words for Tea since she tried to play nice by telling Quad to sit next to her.

One of the gripes Quad had about Tea and Dr. G being on the show is that the producers allegedly didn’t give her a heads-up.

Quad also didn’t like to see Dr. Heavenly Kimes and the others hanging out with Tea on social media. Tea has since said Heavenly and Dr. Jackie Walters convinced her to do the show. Heavenly later told Carlos King she talked Tea into being on “Married to Medicine” for laughs. And her loyalty goes to Quad.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes made some unfiltered comments about Quad Webb on YouTube recently.

Well, some are questioning the friendship due to recent comments Heavenly made on YouTube. She and Carlos were discussing the latest episode. During the episode, Quad and the ladies discussed their status. Quad said she didn’t feel like any of them kept in touch with her. Toya and Phaedra felt Quad took no accountability for the things she’s done wrong in past friendships. When Quad and Heavenly talked about their issues in a previous scene, Quad said it bothered her to see Heavenly with Tea on Instagram.

Heavenly addressed this with Carlos. She said, “She don’t call us, she don’t reach out to us.”

Carlos began laughing. Heavenly kept on going.

“She with the Housewives girls, them girls that be going to the thang and then she be…They be looking for men. And I get that they go to Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya and all over there to Africa to try to find the men. Thirst trapping for the Gram and they naked and all of that. Quad with them women. And I ain’t calling no names but you know who they are. Just look back at the pictures.”

Heavenly continued, “But what I’m saying to you is Quad don’t ******* with us after the fact. I speak to Simone, I speak to Jackie, I speak to…well Toya speaks to Simone. So inadvertently, we all keep up with each other. So when the cameras start rolling, Quad starts reaching out or don’t.”

She is aware her comments will upset Quad.

“This year and I know Quad gon be mad, I know she gon be mad but this is my truth. This is what I really think.”

Heavenly also feels like Quad wasn’t really upset about Sweet Tea coming around.

“I had not heard from Quad since the reunion. This was before I took a picture with Sweet Tea. I get that you gon use this as a scapegoat saying, ‘Yeah you took a picture with my…'”

She added, “Quad don’t give a **** about that girl. She don’t. I’m telling you she don’t. She ain’t give a **** about that man in my opinion. She might have at one point in time.”


  1. I’ve always said Quad and Heavenly have a fake friendship and their hatred of Mariah was the only bond they had. So this isn’t surprising.

  2. That is some sisterhood Heavenly and Quad have. We knew that the friendship was all about hating Mariah and Toya. Heavenly thinks that telling all this stuff about Quad somehow makes her look better. Not.

  3. Heavenly will be next in line for a broken home because she’s in everyone’s business. Everyone on this show had marital problems. Karma is a B—-

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