Robyn Dixon Calls out Candiace Dillard Bassett + Loses It When Karen Huger Applies Pressure

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Robyn Dixon didn’t feel the need to address Juan Dixon’s inappropriate communication with another woman on RHOP.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon received a lot of backlash after she confirmed she chose not to discuss Juan Dixon‘s inappropriate communication with another woman on the show last season. She said she didn’t feel the need to because they handled the situation while the show was on hiatus. So there wasn’t a need to rehash the ordeal once filming for the previous season began. But she expected Karen Huger to be the one to put it all on blast. Regardless, Robyn didn’t think her actions were controversial at all. She even said she might share more details on Patreon.

Candiace Dillard Bassett, Wendy Osefo, and Karen were critical of Robyn’s actions. Wendy and Candiace said it wasn’t fair that Robyn neglected to be transparent when her close friend Gizelle Bryant made accusations about their husbands. And these accusations were major storylines on the show. Last season Chris Bassett was in the hot seat. Ashley Darby‘s friend accused him of trying to hit on her (producers weren’t able to prove this happened with actual footage), and Gizelle said he made her “uncomfortable” at the reunion. Gizelle also said it seemed like Chris was trying to see if she was “with it” when it came to messing around.

Robyn Dixon is put in the hot seat during the trip to Austin.

Robyn and Candiace’s friendship is now non-existent. On the upcoming episode, Karen calls a meeting to confront Robyn about how she’s been moving while the ladies are still in Austin.

In a preview, Karen says, “Yesterday, Robyn, Ashley wanted to make sure you had the second penthouse room because she wanted to make sure you were okay. And honestly, there’s a whole group of friends over here that don’t know what you’re going through.”

She continues, “I feel like Robyn, you specifically speak to one pocket of the friendship circle.”

After Candiace agrees with this, Karen says she thinks Robyn has divided the group.

“And in doing so, you certainly divide the group. So, Robyn, I’m asking you directly how are you doing?”

Robyn disagrees.

“First of all, what I’ve experienced personally is not dividing the group. I speak to the people who actually reach out to me and say, ‘I’m sorry you’re going through this. Are you okay?'”

Candiace interjects, “So when I reached out to you and you ignored me…”

Robyn snaps, “Are you serious? After you’ve trashed me on social media incessantly? Really? Do you know what I’ve gone through? I’ve gone through ******* torture!”

Candiace answers, “Well, so have I.”

Robyn then asks, “But at my expense?”

Karen brings it back to her point, “Yes, Robyn, at your expense because of you hiding your truth.”

After Robyn goes on to say she didn’t even tell her mother what happened, Karen says Robyn still needs to be accountable. At this point, Robyn stands up.

“What do you want to do?! Do you want to beat me up or something?! What do you want to do? Hold me accountable!”

She continues, “I’m here! I’m here! I’m here!”


  1. I’m pretty sure Robyn said on the after show one season that they all have to be transparent and show uncomfortable parts of their lives. If she’s not willing to be authentic, she can go.

  2. Robin you never want to talk about Juan because he surely doesn’t want you above
    anyone. He’s always cheating on you and he talks to you like you’re the roommate
    he’s tired of. No you don’t talk about your chit at all, Andy made you talk about Juan
    because it was in the News and the Media. Gizelle is another that doesn’t talk about
    her dull arse life, she was so desperate, she hired her ex husband that put her in the mental hospital during their divorce. His part was played so badly that their daughters
    knew that it was a if mistake to do this for TV. He wasn’t there for her for the most part and her daddy said I’m not going along with this mess again and left. They’re best friends because they’re both attractive women with no self esteem and they
    definitely don’t know how to dress at all. Get a stylist and you don’t have to keep
    her get her to go with you shopping and using some of the clothes you have. Y’all
    always look horrible and y’all should take some notes from Karen she always looks
    Grand honey. Karen can help y’all out but Gizelle 80% of what you wear is what is that
    she has on

  3. This all seems staged, it appears that none of these ladies have a story line that is why they are talking about the things that happened last season.

  4. Robin please. Juan and you are like cellophane everybody even blind can see there’s no Eros love intended. It may have been that type of love when you were both 16 through your college days and early in your marriage but that stopped along time ago. He outgrew you and unfortunately you stayed stuck.
    Gizelle you got played by a master player. Your marriage was one of convenience that worked for both of you as his first Lady. You fit the profile perfectly. You has the correct breeding period. Everyone in the DMV could tell as you say the streets were talking….you just didn’t think the streets were talking about you. You and Robin by two street players and your stupid egos and your privileged lives never saw it coming or thought it could happen to you. You got to be friends now. Take some notes from Mia…..she could have taught you how to play the game better because dogs recognize bitches.
    Candiace and Wendy have every right to come for you. You made false accusations against their husband’s your story line and now you don’t understand. Please. Atleast Ashley the teenage tweeker owns her stuff. Get some class like Karen and some clothing ideas too. Charlie can’t help you but she can offer you real advice because she too got played by another player too.
    Stop crying denying and grow up.

  5. Robyn has talked about all the other ladies and their husbands, she even dressed as a pizza delivery to see where Karen was living during Ray’s tax issues. Robyn is the same woman that has said that they have to be transparent. She and Juan didn’t get over the cheating before filming, because if they had she would have been waiting for Karen to expose them. Robyn is the one who keep calling Karen fake because she heard a rumor years ago Karen cheated on Ray, with the picture of someone’s back as proof. Why shouldn’t they apply that same logic to her? If Robyn doesn’t like the heat, she should not being turning it on other people. Even though they feel sorry for her.

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