Gizelle Bryant Slams Chris Bassett + Says He Acts Like RHOP is His Show

Photo Credit: Bravo

Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard Bassett’s fallout was very controversial.

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans had a lot to say about the recent season. Gizelle Bryant upset Candiace Dillard Bassett with the accusations she made about Chris Bassett. As we reported, Gizelle originally said that Chris made her feel uncomfortable during the previous season’s reunion. She alleged that he told her that he needed to talk to her privately. But she was uncomfortable talking to a married man alone in her dressing room.

The accusations did not end there though. She later told Robyn Dixon that it just seemed like Chris was trying to be a “sneaky link.” And perhaps he was just trying to see how far he could get with her while they were alone together. Then, of course, Gizelle had more to say after Ashley Darby alleged that Chris flirted with one of her friends. She then accused Chris of groping the woman. Gizelle later clarified that she misheard Ashley.

Nothing was really resolved at the reunion. Candiace and Chris went off on Gizelle a few times. Gizelle did apologize for saying that Chris was trying to be a sneaky link. However, she didn’t feel she was wrong to tell the others and Candiace that Chris made her feel uncomfortable. This turned into a very controversial conversation about colorism. Cast members and RHOP fans were very opinionated about the topic.

Gizelle Bryant called out Chris Bassett.

It’s safe to say that Candiace and Gizelle won’t be on good terms anytime soon. Candiace believes Gizelle lied on Chris for a storyline. She even thinks that Gizelle has a solid track record of attacking people’s marriages. And Gizelle thinks that Candiace and Chris did way too much for a storyline. In her opinion, Candiace always wants to be a victim.

Gizelle had a little more to say about the drama during a recent interview. She’s promoting the upcoming season of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.” Gizelle, Candiace, and Porsha Williams are cast members.

When interviewer Ricky Cornish asked, “Do you have any reaction to see that Chris is still up in arms about everything that happened this last season?”

Gizelle answered, “Well it just shows you…when people do a lot of talking, they have a lot to hide. So those are my thoughts and feelings on it. And sir, this is not your show. It’s your wife’s. So you do not have a champagne glass. Go sit down somewhere.”


  1. Still haven’t learned yet, huh? 😄 I mean, HE’S the reason she’s a wife, ergo the show Gizelle. 🙄 Where your husband? Even though I don’t like Candiace, I can say that much. 😌

        1. Yes, Gizelle makes it easy to defend Candiace. And, she’s still not remorseful about her allegations.

          She doesn’t have a husband. She wants to bring the new man 16 years her season to the show because her life is not interesting to see or hear. Replace Giselle, she’s beauty with no substance.

      1. Yep! Can’t stand Candiace, but Gizelle so evil it’s hard to ignore! She has a lot of nerve talking about others having something to hide! Gizelle’s the most secretive b!tch on the show telling almost nothing about what’s happening to her! Fk. & her colorist attitude! 😉

      2. Exactly! Didn’t agree with her dis with Monique, but I’ll give her some credit for standing up to Gizelles bully mentality

  2. These women are so weird. They really think they should be able to accuse these men of the worst things ever and they shouldn’t be able to respond or be offended. It’s ridiculous.

    1. yeah like after the metoo movement you just can’t play with these kinds of allegations they damaging she’s lucky he didn’t threaten her I wish Candace would cuss the f**k out of gazelle that reunion

  3. Take a moment and think about it before you hate on Gizelle because every one else does…
    – She is very clear that this is a job for her and so she does it for a check.
    – She is very clear that she is messy, she really owns to be being messy.
    – Her accusations against Chris were messy but so was her plans to say that Monique’s last born was not her husbands.
    – Candiace sat with Gizelle and plotted against Monique because she was desperate for Gizelle to like her. Why was it OK for Gizelle to attack Monique’s family and not Candiace’s?

    Don’t follow the masses, just think for a moment, right is right and wrong is wrong. If Gizelle is wrong for attacking Chris. Was Gizelle wrong for attacking Monique? Was Candiance wrong in attacking Monique’s family?

    I am not a fan of any of them so I am not defending any of them, I am just being logical.

    1. You’re not being logical, you’re being late. The majority of the readers on here said Gizelle was wrong when she came for Monique. They dragged Candiace for her role in the fallout with Monique. That’s all old and you can read those old comments by using the search bar. Right now we’re talking about what Gizelle did in Season 7. And she’s wrong.

    2. You can be logical and I respect your right not to defend anyone but you said it. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong! In this past season 7, Gizelle was demonic and she be fired and sued.

      They all have been messy but this allegation was the worst against the one with the least probability.

    3. All of your statement is so on point! Thank you and I’m glad you didn’t respond because it’s clear many are not able to see critical thinking. All of those toxic activities is what led to season 7 what it is today. They essentially created an environment where it’s okay to attack a marriage and family all to be big ole pick me. So of course Giselle will continue to do the same as she has done woth Candace and other and look at them crazy because they already know. All this selective outrage is ridiculous and the dog Whistles is outrageous. That same energy waa not came for Monique, especially when Andy tried to down play her family’s black excellence on national television. Noone cares to include Karen’s marriage being constantly attacked every season, but in the same breath say karen is sketchy. Wow. These are all just mean girl with bad behaviors. Also I have to agree with one thing about Giselle. If chris was so innocent why have all these interviews drawing it out, why not sue , since she did disrupt his income. Naw , I willing to bet him being let gohas more to it. Also, when the incident happened Chris was being emasculated on that season by Candace mom and Candace embarrassed that man so bad in the restaurant. By the time the season ended, he said himself it was allot and embarrassed. He going to tell Giselle how fed up he was/ is with Candance is not a far reach. Tapes don’t lie

      1. You’re not a critical thinker. You are late also. It’s like y’all want to talk about everything except what happened in Season 7. If you’ve actually been reading this blog for the last 5 years, you’d know Gizelle has been dragged for her behavior towards Chris Samuels, Monique, Karen, Ray, Wendy and Eddie. So we are consistent. You just feel like arguing.

        1. We cannot talk about Season 7 without talking about the past seasons – did you call out Candiace for plotting against Monique and her family? Candiace admitted on her Instagram live that she was part of the plot against Monique’s family. In fact, this is the real reason why Monique was so hurt by Candiace.

          Your new hero, Candiace made this fair game when she joined in the plot against Monique’s family. This is what this show has become – it’s degrading and not a good representation for our community but it really is what it is, this is what most black women consider entertainment and so Bravo will keep dishing it because it brings the ratings that they want.

          1. Hero? You’re reaching Shay and I expected better from you. You don’t usually pull things from your imagination. Everyone who is calling out Gizelle for her treatment of Chris B isn’t a Candiace fan. Some of us just believe in calling a spade a spade. If I thought Gizelle was wrong when she did this to Monique and Chris, I better have the same opinion when she’s doing it to Candiace and Chris B or that makes me fake. I’m not going to be fake for anyone. Y’all are letting your dislike for Candiace prevent you from distinguishing between right and wrong. I’m not joining y’all.

          2. Exactly Miss Morgan. We have already dragged Candiace for all of that. We’re on season 7 now and Gizelle is wrong as two left shoes. This is the most I’ve ever agreed with Candiace about anything and I’m still not a fan. I don’t know how anyone watched this season and is still on here mad that we’re saying Gizelle is wrong. You want us to lie cause it’s Candiace and her husband this time? How old are we? LOL.

          3. Ms Morgan,
            I’m with you on this 1,000%. Stand your ground and don”t be moved. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong.

          4. I’m sorry! I agree Shay, Not Miss Morgan 1,000%.

            I mixed up the responses. Gizelle is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG and I too am standing on this one.

            Thanks Shay! I stand with you.

        2. Hey Inger 😘

          Love all of y’all. I mean that too. Just saying Gizelle did Chris wrong. I felt the same way when it was Monique and Chris. I have to be consistent.

  4. Giselle just mad, Chris checked her a-s and she wasn’t expecting it from a quiet, gentle guy. Giselle is just a porcupine, if she had as many d-cks coming out as she had going in, hey, I’m just saying. Or she just poked the wrong bear, And Candice and Chris wasn’t the the one too poke.

  5. Giselle doesn’t have to respond to questions about Chris. She could say I’m done, I said what I said. If he is offended oh well.
    Giselle has made a career out of attacking the husbands and family for a storyline. If you recall she started with Ray, Katie’s boyfriend, Michael was the gift that kept giving, Eddie and now Chris. He and Candice should have known that it was coming.

    1. I know that you all are defending Chris, but some of the things he said raised some question marks , for one he told Gizelle he was going to give her the benefit of the doubt and said he ask to go to her room, if I know I did nothing wrong I am not going to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, then he said Gizelle had a robe on under her gown and then he said she had the robe on over her gown, the story he gave was just not adding up to me.

  6. I wanna know what’s so special about Gizelle and her minion Robin??
    I stopped watching this show when Monique & Chris left. Even before they got on the show Karen is my homie but she doesn’t know me but both Gizelle & Robin were at her neck.
    It was like re-living high school & middle school all over again.
    I don’t watch RHOA neither.
    None of these shows are uplifting or motivating.

  7. All I can say Gizelle need to grow up. She is too old to be acting the way she does. What kind of example is she setting for her young girls. I’m not even sure why this crazy woman is on the show since she does not have a husband!!!! If the show is about house wives, it may be time to get rid of those women like Gizelle, off the show. I’m tired of seeing her and her childish antics. Please get rid of her. Thank you.

  8. All I can say Gizelle need to grow up. She is too old to be acting the way she does. What kind of example is she setting for her young girls. I’m not even sure why this woman is on the show since she does not have a husband!!!! If the show is about house wives, it may be time to get rid of those women, like Gizelle, off the show.

  9. Gizelle is the old head sorority girl who likes to torture the pledgees. Then when she gets caught, she blames it on someone else or makes somebody else take the fall. She is so bitter and because her marriage was a disaster, she wants and needs everyone else’s to be also. It’s really sad, she’ll probably never have a partner because she obviously has trust issues!! Enuf said!!

  10. Gizelle has NO LIMIT to how LOW and DISGUSTING she will go…..but one thing for certain and two things for sure MISS KARMA COMES FOR THOSE CALLING HER…KNOCK KNOCK GIZELLE.

  11. I know you all are defending Chris but there was something about his story that was not adding up to me, he said that he was going to give Gizelle the benefit of the doubt and just say he asked to go to her room, he said she asked, Gizelle says he’s lying, if I know I am right I am not giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. Chris also said that Gizelle had a robe on under her gown and then he said she had the robe on over her gown. Gizelle said Chris closed the door behind him and Chris then said but the lock wasn’t closed, l don’t know but his story was somewhat confusing. I am not defending Gizelle, but Chris explanation just wasn’t adding up to me.

  12. Candice and Chris are just as boring. I will never stand by her nasty a**. She is very rude and think her s**t is all together now she can pay her an husband bills. And stop using her mother.

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