‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Ratings Drop to Season Low

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The recent arrests of LAMH stars haven’t gone unnoticed by fans.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have a lot to say about the current season of the show on social media. This is due to the fact that multiple cast members were arrested in the last couple of months. Destiny Payton was arrested for identity theft. Maurice Scott picked up a DUI recently. Martell Holt was arrested for domestic violence in the third degree, harassing communications after Melody Shari Rodgers pressed charges against him. He has since been convicted. However, he did appeal and the trial takes place in September. The seriousness of the matter rubbed many fans of the show the wrong way. In response to Martell not being removed from the show, they have decided to boycott LAMH.

The blackout wasn’t something every fan intended to support. Some planned to watch the latest episodes. But they were immediately turned off by how the cast and others addressed Martell’s arrest. In one highly criticized scene, Martell described what he did as “just a text message,” while Miss Marlene told Martell he was a great husband and to never change.

LAMH fans have tuned out of the latest episodes.

Nell Fletcher told Stormi Steele that she didn’t agree with Martell being arrested because she didn’t like seeing Black men locked up. She later acknowledged her sentiments stemmed from her sons’ ongoing legal issues. Both were arrested recently.

Others have complained that the show has become too “boring” to keep supporting. They aren’t all that interested in the current storylines and new cast members. As we reported, Destiny returned to call out her ex-boyfriend Moses Monroe for marrying her former producer, Sunni Minx. Plus, LAMH newbies Latricia and Ken can’t make things official until Latricia officially divorces her estranged husband of five years.

Well, ratings have dropped significantly for “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” The most recent episode pulled in 238,000 viewers. The ratings have been dropping for weeks. And this is a season-low.


  1. I don’t have a problem with no one else on this show but Martell. I will not watch it again until he’s gone. It’s that simple.

    1. Exactly! He should have been fired when Marsau filed a restraining order against him and when he assaulted Mel’s makeup artist on set of another OWN show! He’s awful and triggering!

      1. Any other network would have fired Martell by now. OWN is so problematic. I refuse to give that network another view ever again!

  2. They might as well cancel the show because Mel can’t carry the show by herself nor if she had a spin off…

  3. I wouldn’t call it boring. I think it is a complete mess, often an embarrassment. Bordering on trashy and displaying awful decisions, immaturity,attempts to be important, while acting low life. I gave up on this show several seasons ago. I did have high hopes for it, but that was for naught.

  4. This is what happens when your cast mocks the fan base and tells them they have no impact on ratings. People were legitimately offended by Martell’s arrest and they mocked us for feeling that way. So no I won’t watch anymore.

  5. LAMH peaked season 2. OWN and Carlos’ need to keep protecting and enabling Martell is why I stopped watching completely. I’m quitting multiple reality shows because they’ve become toxic and boring.

  6. Had Carlos focused more on his shows instead of what Andy and Bravo got going on the ratings would still be great for LAMH. When you get to a point where you aren’t receptive to feedback, this is the outcome.

  7. If Carlos King would give the fans the reality of cast i.e., the Scott’s who aren’t “Millionaires” yet have mounting legal issues instead they’ve gotten use to using other people’s storyline, as diversions from their TRUTH. Carlos promotes entire ensemble using Melody & Martell as main topic of show since the 1st season,. He never shows Melody life post divorce she’s running an empire she’s more popular on Social Media than the on the show. YT CC have LAMH fans a audience and viewers who never watch OWN why. Bc We get the real story, hear facts that LAMH won’t reveal.

  8. With ratings dropping this could lead to the show being canceled and losing viewers all do to a lost of interest.

  9. The show is boring , Mel still the teachers pet , Latisha is boring as hell and to be honest she’s the main reason for me skipping the show , Dump Destiny’s EX loser boyfriend and his wife and give Destiny a chance I’d rather see her over Tisha any day , Let the judge and jury handle Martell and Stormi is the BOMB , Not Mel and maybe if Carlos stop with the Mel shenanigans the ratings would go up , But one thing for sure I’m not running to the TV on Saturday nights anymore

    1. Definitely not interested in Sunni and Moses. BORING…. She’s showed her ring, made an appearance now move on. Stay behind the scenes.

  10. I can’t sit through an episode. It’s definitely dry for me but then I again it always been a full show in my opinion

  11. I stopped watching because of Martell and the annoying pick me’s who gaslight and downplay what he does in the comments. Let Martell’s supporters and enablers improve the ratings. ✌🏾

  12. The ratings are tanking because Marsau got on IG live and said the blackout isn’t working and he doesn’t want Mel’s fans to watch anymore so we don’t. He, Destiny, LaTisha and others taunted Mel’s fan base and it turns out we made up the majority of the views. We will continue to support Mel by buying her products, not watching this trash show. We are buying Stormi’s products too. Done with the show completely. You never put down your fan base.

  13. Some of the reason why ratings are dropping is due to fact to change in how show is being filmed vs how it was filmed several seasons ago. We do not see that much of Mel, Kimmie,Tisha, Stormi, and Nell together. They don’t film guys together anymore. Also, the new lady who is married and has a boyfriend was married longer than 5 yrs. She just a hot mess. And for Moe and Sunni, you could have just left them off the show PERIOD!

  14. Destiny, Martell, Latisha, and Marsau, all of them need to get off, and the show nee to reboot with the Fletchers, Stormi, and some new story lies and cast. I give this season 100 thumbs down

  15. Sadly, the ONLY person that should be blamed for this show going in the trash is Carlos King. This should be like any other job. If someone is NOT performing, they get a warning. If there is no improvement, they get a pink slip. News flash Carlos, your ENTIRE cast is not grooving together it’s quite noticeable. Just recast or cancel the show.

  16. First without Moses, Destiny has no storyline. The show is boring because it’s not realistic. They continue to promote these false narratives and not show what is really going on in their lives. It’s hard to watch a show that is contradicted on social media. I stopped watching because it comes across as fake to me. Reality means real period!

  17. Mel should be shown going out on dates. It’s unfortunate that the children aren’t shown anymore. At some point the Mel and Martel story has to end and it seems to be embarrassing for her. Kimmi just comes off too fake in her reactions and tries to dress like a 25 year old. It’s like Tisha and Marsau are pretending for the camera and every now and then he slips up and shows his true self.

    1. Bingo, you just put to words exactly how I’ve been feeling!!! I think we are all sick of the Martell show.

  18. I see some comments saying Mel should be shown going out on dates but how can she move on when Martell is stalking and filming her when she does try to date? Martell is a problem but gets paid for his bad behavior. Now that he is a convicted criminal he should have been fired! The rest of the cast is boring. I’m over this show.

  19. Didn’t like how Marsau went off on Keke (his wife’s cousin). Hopefully, he was able to make amends before she passed away. He assumed she was on drugs when she threw the glass on water on LaTisha.

    Did he stop to think that she could’ve gone off b/c she wasn’t on drugs? He Assumed. First thing he sad was to have her tested for drugs. Uggh… She told him to do it. I don’t know if she was or not. Neither did he. I thought she was trying to get clean. Who knows? He’s very aggressive.

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