Tameka Raymond’s Lawyer Says Recent Filing for Primary Custody is Not About Money

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Usher pays child support despite being awarded primary custody? Tameka Raymond and Usher are currently in the middle of a heated custody battle and things have intensified now that their son Usher V had a life threatening accident in a swimming pool. Although the boy’s life was saved, Tameka filed paperwork to the court and requested an emergency custody hearing because she says the incident is proof Usher has incompetent people watching the kids. She is seeking primary custody of their two sons, and she received quite a bit of backlash for reportedly filing the paperwork just hours after their son almost lost his life. Tameka’s lawyer recently spoke to CNN and says there’s more to the story than what’s being reported and contrary to the belief of many, this isn’t about money. Tameka’s attorney Angela Kinley says:

“Her concern is more about how he prefers to leave them with third-party caregivers, over her. She wants to be able to take care of the kids while he’s gone.

“It’s not about the money. Tameka still gets child support payments. She wants the kids to be with her, or with Usher. This pool incident, she says, brought the whole incident to a head, and was the impetus to file the emergency motion which will be heard Friday.”


As we reported recently, Tameka also claims in the paperwork filed that the singer is away “85% of each month” and she claims the singer told her he would rather the nanny raise their children than let her have extra time with the kids while he’s away.

Tameka also claims Usher does not include her on important decisions such as which schools the kids attend and summer activities. She says he didn’t even give her the number to the new house he moved to in June and says all of this was done out of spite.


    1. I don’t understand the hate for Tameka. People are so quick to call her a gold digger but Usher chose her, married her, and then impregnated her twice. He had a choice and he made it. He is not a victim. He’s a grown man that has to make choices just like we all do. At the end of the day these kids are her kids too. She deserves to be in their lives and be included on any decisions made that affects them. It’s not anything deeper than that. I think Usher blames her for his career taking a dive and he’s being spiteful because of that. Not cool.

      1. So true. I’m definitely for coparenting. Kids need and want both parents. And they don’t want to see their parents fighting either.

  1. I think Usher is being spiteful. No matter what happened, Tameka is the mother of his kids and she hasn’t done a thing to not be apart of their lives. They need to both let the past go and just let each other be parents to their kids. No need to be spiteful.

  2. Hope she gets the kids! Usher obviously doesn’t have the time to watch them and nannies aren’t cutting it.

  3. She’s still getting child support?! I didn’t know that. I thought she didn’t get anymore if she didn’t have custody.

  4. I know Usher is kicking himself right now. But you reap what you sow. You can’t be spiteful and expect it not to come back on you eventually.

  5. Her lawyer shouldn’t even have to speak to the public about what is going on. I think her and Usher are spiteful to each other and have a lot of issues that shouldn’t be public knowledge. What is best for the children should always be the main concern. Hopefully things will work out for the best.

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