Gabrielle Union Says Negative Internet Comments Hurt Her Feelings

Photo Credit:  Screen Gems, Will Packer Productions
Photo Credit: Screen Gems, Will Packer Productions

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Gabrielle Union knows quite a bit about what it’s like to get bashed on the internet all the time, especially since her relationship to Dwyane Wade hasn’t been without its fair share of controversy.

But in a recent interview with BET, Gabby admits that all the negative comments she reads about herself do tend to get under her skin:

“I think a bad by-product of negative posts are how commenters—if you read your comment section of your Instagram. People are very comfortable saying cruel things. I mean unnecessarily cruel things. And then you click on their posts and it’s like, “team Jesus.’ And you’re like, ‘You’re not team Jesus! You are NOT team Jesus!

“I come from the mindset where it’s like, worry when people aren’t talking about you. Like no matter what you do, people are always going to have something to say. I’m just like, ‘If you really get to know me, you would like me! I’m cool! Why are you saying these things?

“Put it like this, if you want to have a bad day, read all of your comments.”


  1. She doesn’t need to be worried about no IG comments or Twitter replies. What she needs to worry about is making sure D Wade doesn’t do her like he did his last wife. He’s already gotten another woman pregnant on her watch. That’s not a good sign of what’s to come.

    1. Stop hating on this gerl because she’s attractive and wealthy…go back to your Facebook make believe life or get one!

  2. Well considering how Gabby and her friends still be shading Sio on Twitter, I have not an ounce of sympathy for this chick. Girl have a stadium of seats.

  3. Yeah but nothing is worse than your man getting his side chick pregnant and then proposing to you after the fact therefore embarrassing you even further. So the negative comments should be a cakewalk compared to that.

    1. Stop hating on this gerl because she’s attractive and wealthy…go back to your Facebook make believe life or get one!

  4. She’s a beautiful woman. Just really stupid and desperate. I hope she doesn’t marry D Wade. She will always have to look over her shoulders and question if he’s being faithful. It’s not worth it.

    1. Stop hating on this gerl because she’s attractive and wealthy…go back to your Facebook make believe life or get one!

  5. Well Gabby my dear, if you don’t like the negative responses, here are a few thoughts:
    a) stop pushing that fake-a-s relationship in everybody’s face at every opportunity. We know both y’all lied about when break-baby happened
    b) pawn the ring and move on
    c) quit acting like he is the only man who will want you
    d) get some damn self-respect, woman
    e) please stop being Mary-Jane. She’s only supposed to be a character, not who you are in real life

  6. This b-tch is something else lol. Didn’t she admit she is a “former” mean girl and tore people down with her words now that karma has came back full circle on her she takes offense.

    1. Yep! She sure did say that during an interview on OWN with other black actresses. Phylicia Rashād was giving her that side eye…

    2. Yep, she sure did. And she specifically was talking about Kerry Washington winning the lead in Scandal, when she didnt. I never liked Gabby before, but that convo with Oprah sealed the deal for me.

  7. I can’t stand trolls but Gabby is the last person I can even feel sorry for. She’s caused a lot of pain herself so she has some nerve.

  8. Isn’t this the same broad who got on IG and crossed out D Wade’s wife when he got that magazine cover recently? And she also shades Sioh all the time on Twitter too. She’s still a mean girl at the core. So she is being hypocritical here.

  9. Well the next time she wants to get emotional about negative comments, she should imagine what it feels like to be in Sio’s shoes. That woman has gone through much worse thanks to Gabby’s soon to be husband.

  10. Is she serious? She’s talking like she’s better than the trolls but she’s been nastier to people in real life. And I think that’s much worse.

  11. It’s amazing how she always tries to makes herself the victim when she has such a dirty past of hurting people.

  12. But then she is ok when her fans talk negatively about Sio. This woman is something else. Fix it Jesus!

  13. Can’t feel sorry for someone who was nasty to her peers and her soon to be future ex husband first wife…KARMA honey, get used to it…you get back what you put out 10x over

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