Twitter News: Hazel-E Quits LHHH + Iggy Azalea Responds to T.I.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” is just in its second season, but the successful VH1 reality show has already lost quite a few stars.

Yung Berg and Masika were axed after Berg allegedly assaulted her at a restaurant, and now it’s possible their foe Hazel-E may be joining them.

She hopped on Twitter earlier today and told her followers she’s quit the show (read tweets from bottom to top):

hazel e twitter


In more Twitter news, Iggy Azalea has responded to T.I.’s recent interview. T.I. sat down with Hot 97 the other day and revealed he has ended his business relationship with Iggy because she just can’t stay away from drama.

But that’s news to Iggy though (read tweets from bottom to top):

iggy twitter


  1. Reality TV isn’t for everyone. And why can’t Iggy ever just sit down somewhere and be quiet? She responds to everything and that’s exactly what TI was saying in the interview.

  2. All Iggy did was prove TI’s point. Hilarious. Anyway I liked Hazel. But I can respect her leaving. You have to be ok with selling your soul to make it far in reality tv now.

  3. Iggy better be careful. TI will drag her from here back to Australia. Plus there’s nothing more embarrassing than getting dragged by the person who put you on. She better take that passive aggressive BS somewhere else.

  4. Iggy is such an annoying dumba-s. You don’t get even by proving people right. TI said she became a liability because she talks too much and responds to any and everything people say about her. And here she is still responding. She sent something to TMZ and now she’s tweeting because it didn’t get enough attention. She is truly her own worst enemy. And I don’t give a f-ck about Hazel quitting. She’s cool and all but she’s boring as f-ck this season. She was probably fired. But how she would get fired and Kirk and Rasheeda are still getting checks is beyond me.

  5. Neither one T.I. or Iggy seems to know how to properly handle business if she is telling the truth T.I. should have told her or sent some kind of letter before he went on the radio. Iggy ain’t no better she proving exactly what T.I. was saying if you heard your boss let you go why are you hoping on twitter pick up the damn phone and find out some answers if it’s news to you smh.

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