Kenya Moore Admits She Was out of Line

Kenya Moore dropped by “Watch What Happens Live!” last night, and she had plenty to say about her new foe Kim Fields.

Not only did the reality star call Kim boring once again, but she told a caller that the actress has been forgettable all season and she doesn’t think they can ever get on good terms.

While she may not be fond of Kim, Kenya did admit that she went too far when she pulled Kim’s chair out amid their argument on last night’s episode.

Kenya says:

“Well first of all, I watched that back and I was mortified. I think it was a big mistake for me to pull her chair. It was uncalled for. It was absolutely unacceptable and I do apologize for that behavior.

“I was in the moment. I was just fed up with the BS. And it’s just something that happened. But I’m actually just very ashamed of that.”


Check out the video below:


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  1. I don’t think this makes it any less immature on her part. Kenya continues to demonstrate every season that she like to push people over the edge and seems very much a bully to be honest.

        1. Loved by so many? Ha haaa, have you twirlers been reading the blogs? She’s turned a whole slew of her twirlers against her with this week’s behavior. She was gaining a few on her team with showing how her mom rejects her, but now, lmao, they have taken their emotions back and is no longer playing the abandonment issues game with her. Truth is, she lost more support than gained, stop being as delusional as Kenya. Be your on leader…Lol

        2. Like who? Lol…she likes to start mess and then try to flip it as if she’s the victim. She couldn’t even call her “bff” to give her a heads up that she couldn’t make a business meeting. Yet she calls foul play because she wasn’t selected. It’s truly ashame how her behavior takes away from her outer beauty.

    1. Kenya only admits when she’s wrong when it’s to her advantage. She’s apologizing now because people have been dragging her over this. She made her IG private again too. LOL.

      1. Thank you! She made it private before the episode finished airing because she knew an epic dragging was coming. Fk Kenya and that bs apology!

    2. Only this one time….
      She’s been wrong on so many occasions and in her mind she always tries to justify her actions. She is always on the offense. I’ll give her credit for being articulate, but that doesn’t change the fact that 98% of the time she is wrong.

      It’s funny how Kenya got so mad at Kim for the natural beauty luncheon – wanting to believe Kim was telling her she wears too much makeup. But then she blatantly says to Andy and viewers that Porsha shouldn’t wear so much weave! Ummm…did I miss something??? That characteristics tell you…

  2. She’s still childish and I can see why Porsha snapped the way she did yet again. That tweet was funny and true though. Kenya would have called the police if Kim pulled her chair out like that. For someone who always loves to play victim, she has no problems violating other people.

  3. Kenya stay wondering why everybody be ready to tax that a$$, but always in somebodies personal space. Back up off folks and maybe you wouldn’t get dragged Kenya. It’s just that simple.

  4. *blank stare* Yeah, if Kim would have slapped her, she would have called the police and pressed charges. She’s annoying.

  5. Some of you are doing way too much. Y’all love Nene for whatever reason but she can’t even manage to ever apologize for the evil things she’s done to her so called friends over the years. Kenya has no problem apologizing when she is wrong. She’s mature and that’s why I like her.

    1. Why do Kenya’s fans always bring up NeNe when attempting to explain, justify, of excuse Kenya’s behaviors? Obsessed much?

  6. Oh whatever. Kenya will just do something equally as messed up to Kim at the reunion. She’s a nasty piece of work.

  7. I’m guessing all twirlers wear Crayola contacts also . Screams Looney and deluded .#Kenya is all natural and very sane#Kenya’s not insecure nor intimidated by successful women at all # Kenya’s house isn’t stil occupied by Michael Myers # The Boogieman lives there now# RESPECTTHAT

  8. Only reason why she is apologizing is because she has been getting dragged about it.Kenya knew who to try this mess on cause she knew Kim wouldn’t do ish. Bet she wouldn’t have done that ish to Porsha or Phaedra. Porsha already got her and Phaedra was about to slap her with that purse and she looked shook lol.

  9. No surprise she’s apologizing after getting dragged. She can keep that disingenuous apology. Cynthia was smart to jump that sinking ship, lol.

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