Lil Scrappy Addresses LHHATL Firing Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day a report began spreading to the blogs suggesting VH1 and Mona Scott Young have decided to revamp the entire cast of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

While the majority of the cast might be staying mum on the gossip, Lil Scrappy addressed the rumor on social media.

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    1. I just think Mona hired too many random people and she plays favorites and doing both hurts the show. There’s no reason why Rasheeda and Kirk should still be on the show. And bringing in Betty Idol and D. Smith wasn’t smart either. The Kings were entertaining but now most of them are locked up so there’s that. Overall, just seems like the newer people just aren’t serving their purpose. And Stevie and Joseline need new storylines.

  1. The whole cast doesn’t have to go. Just people like Jessica Dime who are just there taking up space. LOL.

  2. They re-get rid of Tammy again lol…..umm the whole Kinf fam (which I heard hey ain’t coming back anyway) Tommie and Tiara. Jessica Dime unless she comes out wit a rap album or somethin…..she isn’t that ratchet like Karlie who keeps a storyline lol….ummm Kirk and Rasheeda they ain’t doing shyt hiphop…..Scrappy, Bambi, Momma Dee and her loser husband…..unless Scrappy gets back on the studio wit Yung Joc lol. That should be in the contrary u must be a has been singer, rapper or is fckn wit one or actually banging an A or B list celeb. In order to stay on this show u need to be proactive in your has been career

  3. Like I said already, all of them need to go but VH1 ain’t got the balls to do it. It’s been the same storylines for the last three seasons. Boring.

  4. As far as the rumor is concerned, I’ll believe it when I see it. ATL is the most watched show on the network. Firing everybody would be a dumb business decision.

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