1. *scratches head* Girl that has nothing to do with being a singer, you just wanted to be messy. I like K but dang learn to rise above geeezz

  2. If it was the other way around, she would be mad as hell. She does need to move on. She claims to be happy, so why continue with the pettiness

  3. K is so annoying. People called her petty because she was being petty. Don’t say you’re over a situation and you wish the couple involved the best when you just plan on shading them to get attention two weeks later. She does all this for attention. And the whole I don’t give a f-ck act is tired. If she didn’t care about people’s opinions she wouldn’t feel the need to always respond to everything said about her on Twitter.

  4. K truly doesn’t get it smh. Yes it’s her truth but as a person you need to grow and evolve and you have to let things go. Furthermore she is still too invested in this situation and shouldn’t be. Even though Memphitz and Toya deserve all the karma they get. Sometimes it’s best to be the bigger person and be gracious because nobody is above be humbled I hope she realizes that.

  5. Glad I’m not a fan of hers, but had I been? It would have ended after reading this. You call your fans nobodies? Moving along – I understand she’s hurt by the abuse and accusations of being a liar, but there’s a line you’ve got to draw between speaking your story and re-victimizing someone else for your own personal gain/vindication. I’m no fan of Toya’s but I’m able to see the bigger picture and know that she is also a victim of domestic violence, whether she acknowledges it or not. Showing the video was petty… period.

  6. She looks stupid. There’s nothing artsy about being petty. She needs to grow up. Her lack of class and humility isn’t cute.

  7. Her actions and constant tweets are the reason her fan base will stay the same and she will never brand out to bigger audiences, however no one should expect her to act any differently she showed numerous times on tv her true colors

  8. She needs to log off Twitter for a very long time. She’s way too sensitive and when her feelings are hurt she likes to say really idiotic things. She’s similar to Chris Brown in this way. Both of them will dog out their own fans and black people when they get some criticism they can’t handle. They need thicker skin.

  9. These “celebs” irk me by how they act as though they got themselves where they are themselves. Without fans and the “nobodies”, they would be nobodies. I didn’t even know who K Michelle was until after love and hip-hop. She’s ugly now, insecure b-tch.

  10. Nobodies? She talks sh-t like she’s on Beyonce, Adele, Taylor Swift type of level. And even they have enough sense not to tweet dumb sh-t like this. Girl bye.

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