BFV Recap: The Sisters Consider Suing Tamar & Vince + Toni Shares Engagement News

Towanda and Trina recap Trina’s coffee talk with Evelyn.

The episode opens with Towanda and Trina in Atlanta. The two of them are going to lunch, and Trina is going to vent about what Evelyn told her.

She’s angry that Evelyn broke down crying during their coffee talk. Specifically, she’s angry at the criticism she’s received over speaking out about Tamar and Vince’s divorce.

Meanwhile, Antavius and Towanda will have a meeting, seeking to sue someone. According to Towanda, “They’ve done us wrong.”

The tricky thing about this is that this involves another family member.

“If we have a case, and go through with this, it could change the family dynamics forever.” – Towanda

Kevin and Traci continue to coach their kids about being parents.

Kevin Sr. and Traci brought Kevin Jr. and Olivia to a registered nurse to talk about their pregnancy.

They feel they will be responsible, but they don’t know the magnitude of being parents. They grill Oliviah about taking her prenatal vitamins.

The nurse and Traci also give the kids a practice baby doll to prepare them for pregnancy. However, they did this before and Kevin Jr. ended up going up to the radio station to give the baby back to Traci.

Andre isn’t holding up his end of the co-parenting bargain.

Towanda and Traci are at a spa when Towanda got a phone call her daughter being bullied, and punched at school. She wants to go to her daughter’s school and have them handle it before she presses assault charges.

She’s also mad at her ex-husband Andre for hot holding his responsibility.

Andre and Towanda still live with one another after their divorce. Apparently, he found out Towanda is dating someone else. Andre then posted a really shady Instagram post about Towanda.

He referred to her as a “thot” in the post.

Towanda showed Evelyn, Traci and Trina the posts and they are all disgusted by Andre’s behavior.

The next day, Traci, Kevin Jr, and Oliviah are shopping for their baby. Traci isn’t sure if he’s ready to be a father but he thinks they can handle it.

Towanda reveals who she will be suing; Tamar and Vince.

Back in LA, the sisters and Evelyn are out making jewelry. Tamar is out on tour and Toni is disappointed she can’t be there. That’s because she has big news to share.

Towanda drops the bomb first on them. She’s deciding to sue Vince. Apparently, Traci and Towanda weren’t compensated for co-writing and performing the BFV theme song.

Antavious tells them don’t have any ownership rights to the song. Vince set up the paperwork so that Tamar was the only one who wrote and sung the song. Trina thinks this isn’t a good idea, especially with Tamar and Vince’s divorce drama.

Traci says, “This may break up the sisterhood…”

“It’s gonna get sticky.” – Toni

Because of this bombshell, Toni holds off on making her announcement.

Toni tells Evelyn and Michael Sr. about her engagement.

The next day, Evelyn meets Towanda and Traci for another coffee talk. Traci is looking for advice about being a grandmother. Evelyn feels that Traci won’t want her grandchild to leave once they’re born.

Afterwards, Toni invites Evelyn over to talk about her big news. But first, she FaceTime’s Michael, Sr., showing off her engagement ring.

Michael Sr. congratulates her. Toni hopes her engagement gives everyone positive news. Next, Evelyn stops by to relish in the good news.

Toni gives Evelyn the details of how Birdman proposed. He proposed to Toni at her favorite restaurant in Las Vegas.

Toni wants a really big wedding that’s very elegant. Toni’s son approves of the marriage and Brian called them family.

Evelyn then says he is a wonderful man. She also thinks she needs to tell her sisters.

“You’re playing with their emotions. They need some excitement.” – Evelyn

So Toni invites all of her sisters to spill some news. Of course, Tamar didn’t show up.

Things get weird when Toni tells them that she wants to host her son’s birthday at Vince and Tamar’s house. This announcement disappointed them. Towanda says she could’ve told them in a text message and the engagement news would’ve been better to hear.

Toni didn’t feel comfortable telling everyone because Tamar is not there. Evelyn hopes she tells them soon.

Lastly, Towanda doesn’t know if Tamar hosting the birthday party will work. But she wants the sisters to help them get entertainment.

When Toni leaves, Trina expresses her disappointment and Towards says it doesn’t feel right to have the party at the house amidst the divorce and the lawsuit.

Evelyn even says she won’t show up to the birthday party. Trina and Towanda follow suit. Traci just gulps down her glass of wine.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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