K. Michelle Slams Tamar Braxton over Plastic Surgery Comments

Everything between K. Michelle and Tamar began this time when K first appeared on Steve TV. Steve Harvey talked to her about her butt injection removal surgery. This week, she had a sudden second procedure due to complications coming from the remaining injection material still in her butt.

Steve then had Tamar Braxton on a panel discussing plastic surgery dangers, referencing K. Michelle. Tamar Braxton mentioned that one has to do their research before having plastic surgery. She noted that one should not look to Groupon for surgery discounts.

I just think that you do have to do your research. But you can’t be thinking you’re gonna go ahead and have plastic surgery on the Groupon.

Ain’t no plastic surgery on sale! Like that’s not gonna happen. And if it’s on sale, 9 times out of 10, you’re not supposed to get it from the person that’s having a sale.

Don’t do that.

When K. Michelle got wind of the comments, she went into a rage on Twitter. She allegedly referred to Tamar as a milk dud. She also says she has no room to talk with her nose “doing the gangsta lean.”

Check out the comments below.


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  1. Shot out to all the memphis checkers…nobody does it like tn….kmichelle can crack a joke now

  2. The truth hurt I guess. If K’s surgeon was legit, she wouldn’t be going through what she’s going through now.

  3. K and Tamar are more alike than realize. Neither one of them can keep friends and they both love being messy but playing victim all the time.

  4. Although what Tamar said was true, very prominent and Top surgeons can mess you up too. bottom line is, you are seriously gambling with your health whenever you get any type of plastic surgery. Tamar is a prime example, I’m sure she went to the best and looks a hot mess! Everybody doesn’t get work done in a basement or a hotel room but yet there are so many botched surgeries that they even made a reality show about it.

  5. Whatever. K. Michelle knows her surgery was awful. She looked terrible for years and now it’s messing with her health. As much as Tamar gets on my nerves, she told no lies.

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