Gizelle Bryant Accuses Monique Samuels of Crying to Deflect from Messy Behavior

The current season hasn’t been an easy one for Monique Samuels.

She’s not in a good place with Robyn Dixon.

Then of course she was never in a good place with Gizelle Bryant.

Things have also been rocky with Ashley Darby.

But the hardest thing for Monique was clashing with Charrrisse Jackson Jordan.

In Gizelle’s recent Bravo blog, she actually accuses Monique of crying to take attention away from her messiness. She expressed this while discussing why she took issue with Monique upgrading her seat to first class during the trip to France.

Check out the excerpt below. Why didn’t you like the Monique and Charrisse upgraded – what do you think about her reasoning? Could this be the beginning of a friendship between you two?

GB: Monique asked me to come on the trip so that I could see a “better side” of her. However, at the first opportunity to separate herself she jumped at it. In the true fashion of a girls trip, we travel TOGETHER. ALL of us were asked if we wanted to upgrade and we all so no so that we could stay together, so yep, a little shady. Monique is always going to have an excuse for her behavior and it typically comes with tears. Nope, not buying it.

In more RHOP news, Robyn Dixon got a new haircut. Are you loving it?

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