‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Lily Apologizes to Charmaine + Ryan Goes off on Charmaine

Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 5 Episode 13
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Ryan and Rachel celebrate.

They go out to eat to celebrate the fact that Rachel’s nail polish company will be featured at New York Fashion Week.

Ryan is really proud of her.

The former couple switches topics and discusses Van failing at running the old shop. Don has now been made the co-manager to improve things.

If that doesn’t work, Ryan will take back the shop.

He’s realizing that he needs to make sure the gang at the old shop doesn’t feel left out. So they are going to Miami for a team building trip.

Ryan invites Rachel. She accepts.

Van, Don, and Phor make it to the airport.

They are glad to be getting away from the cold weather in Chicago.

Van is grateful that Don is now the co-manager.

Bella and Lily make their way to the airport.

Apparently, Van apologized to Bella and she’s working at the old shop again.

Charmaine brings Danielle along.

When the gang arrives in Miami, they love the house they will be staying in.

It’s a little weird to have the old 9Mag and new 9Mag living under one roof.

Lily is back cool with Don, but she’s still not in a good place with Charmaine and Van. But she’s going to be on her best behavior like she promised Ryan.

Things get a little tense when both the old and new crews discuss how having two shops can confuse customers.

Charmaine and Lily make peace.

Don wants there to be unity.

Lily walks over to Charmaine to apologize and says she was hurt when Charmaine insinuated she is racist. Although they can’t agree on the N-word topic, they agree to be cordial and stop fighting.

They shake on it in front of Don.

Ryan and Rachel make it to the house.

Gina tells Ryan that there’s no room for them because Charmaine brought Danielle.

This, of course, upsets Ryan.

Don doesn’t feel like the drama, so he volunteers to just sleep on the couch, giving up his room to Ryan.

Ryan and Phor interview with a local radio station.

Before Phor opens up about his music and depression, Ryan says he hasn’t fired anyone lately. But he feels like the others see him as a dictator.

Pho debuts his new song, “Numb.”

Ryan, Phor, Van, and Don get some pedicures outside the house. They smoke some cigars too.

Meanwhile, Charmaine is in the house feeling emotional.

She tells Charmaine that she misses how things used to be at the old shop.

The absence of Kat and Danielle have been tough for her.

“9Mag has turned into a boys club.” – Charmaine

She breaks down in tears and says that she hates that the guys are making her issues with Lily out to be just some silly girl beef.

Danielle can sense that the vibe is different. The gang doesn’t seem close anymore.

At this point, Charmaine doesn’t feel happy there anymore. Danielle tells her she understands and that’s why she left.

So she urges Charmaine to express her feelings.

“You know, just be honest.” – Danielle

It’s the second night in Miami.

Ryan is surprised there hasn’t been any drama yet.

Everyone heads out for dinner.

Charmaine suggests that everyone goes down the line and says their favorite memory at 9Mag.

After everyone shares, Charmaine breaks down in tears and she says she’s sad things are so different.

Ryan goes off.

“I don’t want to quit. I’m pretty much just faking the funk.” – Charmaine

Ryan says he has two shops for a reason now. And he refuses to go back to how things were.

He points out that everyone was supportive of Phor, but they weren’t there for him when he had a breakdown and shot up the shop.

Ryan tells Charmaine she is romanticizing a toxic time. Back then, the shop had no rules and people did what they wanted.

And if she doesn’t like how things are now, she can leave.

Lily gets upset and storms off, telling Ryan he’s being a “d*ck.”

Ryan then stops screaming at everyone and walks out with Rachel.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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