‘Basketball Wives’ Star Cece Gutierrez Responds to Kristen Scott’s Latest Interview

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Basketball Wives” concluded its latest season. But the drama has not slowed down. It’s pretty clear that the cast is still full of contention. And a lot of feuds continue to be unresolved. Especially when it comes to Kristen Scott and Cece Gutierrez. Kristen still believes Cece played a role in the demise of her relationship with Byron Scott. And she explained why in a recent interview with VH1.

According to Kristen, Byron changed after Cece entered his life. She believes this is why he’s been harsh towards her. Although she did apologize at the reunion, Kristen confirmed that nothing has improved as of yet. And this saddens her.

Well, Cece saw the interview. And she responded to it on Twitter.

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