‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star Lyrica Anderson Blames A1’s Mother Pam for His Cheating Ways

Photo Credit: VH1

Lyrica Anderson will clash with A1 Bentley on part one of the “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” reunion. As they discuss their strained marriage, their mothers get involved. But after Pam tries to take up for A1, Lyrica calls her out.

In fact, she thinks Pam has spoiled A1. Lyrica says, “Pam, you have to stop spoiling him. You have to stop spoiling him, you have to stop enabling.”

She also believes that A1 treats her the way he does because of how Pam raised him. Lyrica says, “The things that he’s done to me and the way that he’s handled it is because of your raising him that way. And that’s not cool.”

Check out the preview below.

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