‘Married to Medicine’ Star Mariah Huq Not Returning for the Upcoming Season?

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Mariah Huq is the creator of “Married to Medicine.” And while the show would go on to become a major success on Bravo, Mariah never quite felt like she got respect on or off the show. In fact, last season was a rough one for her. After Mariah didn’t deny a rumor that accused Quad Webb-Lunceford of having an affair with Lake’s ex-husband, Quad accused Mariah of doing drugs.

And she made even more accusations in an interview.

When Mariah took multiple drug tests to prove she’s not on drugs, Quad and Dr. Heavenly Kimes weren’t convinced she didn’t doctor the results.

Dr. Jackie Walters refused to even look at the results. And Dr. Eugene Harris said this was messy on Jackie’s part.

Mariah wasn’t pleased with how things went. And she also noticed that her scenes during the season were scarce outside of any drama with Quad. She questioned why her family life is not shown on the show.

Now it’s being rumored that Mariah’s future on the show is grim. According to DJ Richie Skye, a source close to production told him that Mariah is being iced out of the show. And Quad, Jackie, and Heavenly have teamed up with the producers to do this. As of now, Mariah was not asked back and other women are being tested to replace her and Buffie Purselle. But if things don’t work out, Mariah could be asked back.

The source also claimed that Buffie was fired for calling out Jackie. And any newbie who goes after Quad, Heavenly, and Jackie will be let go.

Of course, keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed. This is all gossip. However, it does seem as if Mariah could be done with the show.

Turns out this may be what Mariah was talking about when she vented about fighting for a seat at the table. And Heavenly’s clap back could have been in reference to Mariah’s dismissal.

Check out the video below.

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