'Black Ink Crew Chicago' Recap: Rachel Gets Real About Ryan + Kitty & Jessica Keep Clashing
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‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Rachel Gets Real About Ryan + Kitty & Jessica Keep Clashing

black ink crew chicago season 6 episode 15

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Charmaine is afraid to give birth.

Plug goes with Charmaine to her Moms Support Group meeting. She’s nervous about giving birth and her due date is just six days away. One of the women there tells her that once the baby’s head is out, it becomes an easier process. Both Plug and Charmaine begin to freak out.

Another woman says she bled for six weeks. While another says her epidural wore off during labor. And another woman says that getting a tear and needing stitches was the worst part of it.

Charmaine gets emotional and says that her mother passed away a couple of months ago. So she thought Miss Glenda would be around for this experience. It’s been said to go through this without her.

She’s decided to name her daughter Nola Glenda to honor her mother. One of the women there says that she lost her parents before she had her baby. But she was able to get through it. Another says that Charmaine will see her mother in her baby’s face.

Kitty gets answers from Charmaine.

While the men are working out at the gym, Don, and Phor ask him what the status is with Rachel. He says they are in a good place and the kids are more important than anything. Ryan wants things to stay peaceful between them.

Back at 2nd City Ink, Miss Kitty FaceTimes Charmaine to ask her about Jessica’s return. In a green screen interview, Charmaine admits she asked Jessica to come back because she felt like Kitty was slacking at the shop. She knew Kitty would feel some type of way, so she didn’t want to tell Kitty beforehand.

Kitty says that she doesn’t mind having help but Jessica needs to know that she’s “the help” only. Charmaine says Jessica is managing the day to day and artists and Kitty is there to manage the brand. So they shouldn’t have an issue over titles since they are in two different lanes. In a green screen interview, Kitty says she’s not happy about this. But Charmaine knows they will be able to get past their issues eventually.

Don isn’t feeling Ashley’s request.

Ashley brings the kids to see Don at Phor’s place. She tells him she’s been thinking about moving to Texas with the kids amid the pandemic. This angers Don and they argue before Ashley storms off.

At 2nd City Ink, Jessica’s best friend from London, Steven, pops up. He talks to Kitty and she doesn’t know he knows Jessica. But Jessica walks over and then excitedly greets him. Of course, Kitty isn’t thrilled he’s a friend of Jessica’s.

Things get even more awkward after Jessica says that Steven is going to be working there. So she just wants to show him to his booth. Kitty questions why Jessica would hire someone without discussing this with her and Charmaine.

Jessica says it shouldn’t matter since Charmaine hired Kitty without talking to her first. As Kitty seems really irritated by this response, Jessica walks off to show Steven around the shop.

Steven is interested in Kitty.

Don goes to talk to a divorce attorney. He questions what to expect if he and Ashley have to go to court to fight over custody of their kids. It’s beginning to hit him that their separation is real.

Steven and Jessica catch up. He hasn’t seen his mother in 24 years and she lives in America. She sent him to London to live with his dad when he was younger. At some point, he wants to talk to her and get an understanding of why things turned out the way they did.

They also discuss Kitty. Steven says she’s cool, cute, and he likes that she’s bossy. He thinks he could ask Kitty out on a date in the future. Jessica is not happy to hear any of this. She fake gags in her green screen interview.

Ryan’s social media activities are noticed by Rachel.

Rachel vents to friend about her up and down relationship with Ryan. He’s been doing a lot of stuff on social media and she hates that because so many people are paying attention. So a lot of people have something to say on her social media pages.

Ryan tells Don and Phor he tried to make things work with Rachel romantically, but she couldn’t move on from the past. So he wants to just focus on getting along as parents.

As for Rachel, she says, “It’s over and done with at this point.” She doesn’t see herself ever getting back together with Ryan.

Ryan wants to move on too and he refuses to be unhappy.

In a green screen interview, Rachel understands some people may want them to get back together but it’s never going to happen. She doesn’t know what he’s looking for as she sees him being linked to multiple women on the blogs and on social media, but she hopes he finds happiness.

It’s time for Charmaine to go to the hospital.

Charmaine is having contractions. She’s been watching the news and seeing how people have been dying from the virus. So she’s scared to go to the hospital and give birth. She wishes her mom was around to tell her what to do.

But she can put it off no longer, and she gets in the car to head to the hospital.

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