GUHHATL Recap: Jhonni Blaze Has a Scare + Deb Shocks Drea & SWV’s LeLee with Trump Support

GUHHATL Season 4 Episode 2 Recap
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Deb’s hosting a luncheon but Da Brat’s not interested.

The episode begins with Da Brat getting her temperature checked at a local salon. She’s waiting for Deb to show up and Deb’s late. Da Brat’s eagered for this conversation as she wants to learn why Deb supports Donald Trump.

Deb shows up a little later and they both exchange pleasantries as they still are friends. She also invites Da Brat to an outdoor luncheon. Da Brat immediately scoffs at this because of Covid-19. Deb is also going to use the event to talk about politics ad her support for Trump. So, Da Brat says she isn’t going.

Deb, who’s not afraid of making enemies, is really curious to learn why other people won’t support Trump. She’s planning on inviting Jhonni Blaze and other members of the cast. This frustrates Da Brat even more due to how Jhonni treated Deb during previous seasons. But Deb says Jhonni is growing.

Bow Wow realizes Andy was right.

Meanwhile, Bow Wow visits his mom Teresa. They sit down and Bow Wow explains the concept of his final album. Each song will be dedicated to an ex-girlfriend. Each song will be named after them. One of them is Blac Chyna. Interestingly enough, Teresa thinks Bow Wow needs to grow up, finally, and make things serious with Angela.

Of course, Bow’s manager Andy comes up and Bow Wow says he got angry with him. But when Bow Wow calmed down, he realized Andy was right.

Later that night, Deb stops by Jhonni’s apartment for a talk. During their talk, Jhonni mentions that quarantine changed her and she’s no longer who she was in the past.

Deb and Jhonni’s relationship has been strained by Jhonni’s actions, but they seemingly are ready to leave things in the past.

Next, Johnni brings up their blowups, including what happened in Jamaica last season, telling Deb she was embarrassed by how she acted.

Deb tells her it’s time to stop playing and grow up when it comes to the music.

Lastly, Deb then invites Jhonni to the luncheon. She then warns Jhonni if she shows out, this will be it for their relationship.

Bow Wow ambushes Angela’s photoshoot.

The next day, Angela’s still in town in the middle of a photoshoot when Shaniah stops by. Meanwhile, Bow Wow’s on his way to see Angela. Bow Wow doesn’t like how Angela is running around Atlanta and she didn’t “check-in” with her friend.

Eventually, Bow Wow makes it to Angela’s photoshoot. But first, he runs into Shaniah and he tells her about Ayana being sick with Covid. Shaniah gets emotional talking about this because her grandmother also suffered from Covid. After their talk, Bow Wow heads straight to Angela’s dressing room. But Angela laughs Bow Wow off and they head out to talk. Angela says she didn’t hit Bow Wow up because she saw him in Miami having a good time with girls via Instagram.

Jhonni Blaze has an anxiety attack.

It’s time for Deb’s outdoor luncheon and Jhonni is ignoring Deb’s phone calls. So Deb texts Diamond who calls her. Diamond calls her ex Pimpin to check in on her. Apparently, Jhonni sent her a message that said, “I can’t do this anymore.” Deb then called the police for a welfare check. Police showed up with a producer and Jhonni was in the bed, crying, having an anxiety attack.

After the photoshoot, Bow Wow and Angela head to a vegan restaurant. He then tells Angela he’s ready to play her song that’s going to be on his final album. However, he’s doesn’t play it for her on the spot.

Deb proudly proclaims her support for Trump, shocking LeLee, and Drea.

Back at Deb’s luncheon, she’s in tears when Diamond tells her about Jhonni’s condition. It triggers emotions surrounding the loss of her younger son. She wants to cancel the event but eventually, Deb relaxes. Drea and LeLee from SWV also show up.

Deb and all her guests start with a toast and she tells them about Ayana being sick with Covid. Deb’s worried.

Of course, this turns into a conversation about President Trump. Deb’s a staunch supporter and shocks everyone when she says she’s voting for Donald Trump. Drea says she’s worried about Deb’s mental state and LeLee is disgusted.

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