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‘Porsha’s Family Matters’ Recap: Lauren Says Porsha Surrounds Herself with Yes Men

Photo Credit: Bravo

Dennis gets the plus one he wanted.

Lauren tells Porsha that she told Dennis he could bring a date to her birthday cookout. She’s not happy to hear this. Porsha doesn’t want some “random” woman there. Lauren feels Porsha is being selfish and what she’s trying to do makes it look like she still has feelings for Dennis. Regardless, Lauren wants the whole family to go on a family retreat. She’s inviting her child’s father Nate. Nate is not a fan of Simon because of social media backlash. After Porsha tells Lauren that she doesn’t think Nate was good for her, Lauren breaks down in tears.

Porsha consoles her and apologizes. She realizes she may have overstepped her boundaries.

Mama Gina is ready to have a chat with Porsha.

Dennis’ phone has been blowing up after he posted that Porsha looked good on the Instagram photo and he almost hit her up but had to remember she’s engaged. He says he was just trolling. And he doesn’t have romantic feelings for Porsha anymore. Dennis called Simon to apologize. So they are fine. He informs his mother Gina that he doesn’t want to go to Porsha’s cookout because Porsha said he can’t bring a date. So Mama Gina will talk to Porsha about this.

Simon is put in the hot seat.

On the day of the cookout, one of Porsha’s aunts asks Simon if Porsha will be his last and only wife. She also says she knows Nigerian men like to switch out women. But Simon assures her he will be faithful and their marriage will last.

While Lauren is talking to Cousin Londie, she says that Porsha is surrounded by yes men who all basically work for her. So they don’t feel comfortable being honest with Porsha about how they feel. Plus, Porsha will stop speaking to people if they are critical of her choices. Lauren no longer works for Porsha and she’s not afraid to tell her what she thinks about things.

After the family sits down at the table, Porsha tells everyone that Simon has been married three times. She will be his fourth wife. Porsha’s grandmother is not feeling this. But Simon says he’s been getting plenty of therapy to correct his mistakes. He found out he is a “rescuer.” And he won’t be doing that with Porsha.

It’s Dennis’ turn to feel the pressure.

Dennis shows up to the cookout without a date. Porsha tells everyone she knows Dennis has a “piece.” There is a peaceful moment when Simon says that he is in a good place with Dennis. And he’ll defend PJ just like Dennis would. Tears start flowing.

Porsha’s grandmother says that she understands Dennis’ life as a “playboy” and her son was that way as well. Mama Gina intervenes. She says that Dennis isn’t a playboy. He made mistakes but people live and learn.

In a green screen interview, Mama Gina says that Porsha has done worse than Dennis because she’s engaged to a married man.

Dennis calms down the situation.

Mama Gina goes on to say that eventually, Dennis will be happy with someone one day like Simon and Porsha. Porsha’s grandmother says she meant no disrespect and she loves Dennis.

Feeling the awkwardness, Dennis toasts to Porsha and Simon. He says he’s happy for them.

Porsha and Dennis still haven’t processed their breakup.

Dennis and Porsha catch up at dinner. Dennis feels they officially broke up in January. Porsha says they broke up in December after he didn’t give her the engagement ring back on Christmas. For her, Simon is serious about marriage and Dennis never was. Plus, she won’t forget he cheated on her while she was pregnant.

Porsha doesn’t understand why Dennis wanted to bring a woman to her event because he doesn’t even talk about women like they’re humans. Dennis goes on to say he wants the designer clothes he left at her house. As the tension thickens, they decide to end their dinner. Porsha accuses him of trying to pull up a n*ked photo of another woman in his phone to make her jealous.

Afterward, she calls Simon to recap. She realizes her not allowing Dennis to bring a date to her cookout was probably because she’s not ready for that part of the process. Simon says he understands. He knew there would be bumps in the road.

Mama Gina accuses Porsha of cheating on Dennis.

Porsha and Mama Gina meet for a bite to eat. Mama Gina questions if Porsha’s grandmother brought up Dennis cheating to embarrass him. This turns into an argument. Porsha accuses Mama Gina of deflecting when someone brings up the fact that Dennis cheated. And Mama Gina accuses Porsha of cheating too.

Porsha denies this but Mama Gina says Mama Diane told her this.

In a green screen interview, Mama Gina says that back in March 2020, Dennis and Porsha got into it. And Mama Diane said that Dennis was upset about something Porsha did with another man. But Porsha denies this. She says her mother would never say that because she never cheated.

Regardless, Porsha still invites Mama Gina to the family retreat. Both hope that something positive will come from it.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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