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Dr. Heavenly Kimes Fell Out with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe + Declined Interview with Arionne Curry?

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ mother passed away.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes has been busy running her businesses and filming season 9 of “Married to Medicine.” But she still makes time to check in with her fans on her YouTube channel. She recently gave them a very sad update about her mother. She said, “Listen, you know I don’t like to come to y’all with no sad stuff. I took some time off because I was going through something. I don’t know if you know, some of you don’t, I lost my mom last week.” She added, “I ain’t wanna talk about it, I don’t wanna cry y’all cause I like to keep y’all happy and keep y’all going.”

Heavenly continued, “I lost my mom last week and it’s been really hard on me. You know she was sick for a while. I haven’t talked about it much. But thank you all for the well wishes, the people that sent flowers and all that. Please don’t send me no more flowers, please don’t call me, don’t contact me. I’m venting and I’m mourning in my own way. And I don’t even wanna talk about it. It’s a really hurtful thing. My mom was 89 years old. She lived a full life. We found out a lot about her life at the end. We gon keep praying.”

Kari Wells and Dr. Heavenly Kimes are in a good place.

Some of her subscribers began to ask her questions about the show. They questioned where Heavenly stands with Kari Wells now. She said they are on good terms.

“Kari has been solid this year. I mean she came in on some bull swiss or whatever but I like everybody. And I give everybody an opportunity. I like Kari y’all. Am I wrong? I like Kari. Y’all gon leave Kari alone. Kari be handling her stuff, baby, and I’m the type of person if you stand up to me and you d*mn curse me out, I’m good with you, you know what I’m saying?”

Did Arionne Curry reach out to Dr. Heavenly Kimes for an interview?

Heavenly also discussed Arionne Curry, the woman “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt had a longtime affair with. She was asked what she thought about Arionne.

“What is your opinion on Arionne? I did not see Arionne’s interview. Actually, she contacted me for an interview. I didn’t do it because Melody’s my friend. You know what I mean? But now that she did an interview, and I knew she was going to get an outlet anyway, I probably should have talked to her and try to explain to her from a married woman’s point of view. I don’t know who Tasha K is and I don’t know what her situation is but I think probably could have maybe talked to Arionne so she could understand…anyway, let’s go on.”

It’s possible Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Dr. Heavenly Kimes fell out.

Heavenly said she likes the “Married to Medicine” newbie, Audra Curry, She’s a real estate attorney who is married to a doctor. According to Heavenly, she brings it and she’s not afraid of anyone, “Audra’s going to be alright, y’all. I like Audra. She ain’t no punk.”

One of the other most interesting parts of the video is when Heavenly was asked about Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, “Can you answer any questions about Contessa? Y’all asking me questions about Contessa…I’ma leave it alone. Y’all will see. Y’all will see that, okay? Is Contessa still on the show cause I ain’t mentioned her, have I?”

Some fans of the show took Heavenly’s comments to mean she’s not in a good place with Contessa. So they think the friendship is done. Interestingly enough Contessa confirmed on Instagram that she brought the new year in with Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris.

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