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GUHH Recap: Tee Tee & Cree Clash, Again + Treach Wants Egypt’s Career Separate from Sam

GUHH Season 6 Episode 25

Photo Credit: We TV

Shawn gets sticker shock.

Shawn and Tee Tee are home with their son. After Shawn puts him down for a nap, he makes himself and Tee Tee drinks and they talk about their wedding planner. Shawn’s shocked to learn the planner quoted them $100,000 dollars. He also expresses frustration that his list of guests is small compared to her list. 

However, Egypt, Pepa, and Sam aren’t on the list and Tee Tee isn’t changing her mind.

Treach wants Egypt to move on from Sam professionally.

Speaking of her family, Treach is in LA hanging out with Egypt. It’s a business trip as Treach is taking her to meet with a potential label. Treach wants Egypt and Sam to separate themselves professionally. Egypt’s open to this. Eventually, they meet with Polo Brewster from Monarch Records.

Polo is impressed with Egypt’s music. She plays her video for the song “Fast Life.” However, they let her know that the rollout for the video and song wasn’t good at all. She needs to grow her fanbase organically and allude that she needs to stake out on her own, seemingly away from Pepa, Sam, and Treach.

Vanessa wants to throw a surprise party for Shawn and Tee Tee.

Later on, Vanessa’s in her car when she calls Tanice. Tanice’s in full baby mode. She wants to throw a surprise joint bachelor/bachelorette party and Tanice suggests letting Cree plan it. Unfortunately, Vanessa isn’t sure if this is a good idea. They loop in Cree in on their call. Cree’s willing to help but they all agree they need to have a conversation with Tee Tee first.

Meanwhile, Eric decides to visit his father’s gravesite. Layzie Bone shows up to pay his respects. They get to reminiscing about their time and experiences with Eric Sr. While talking, Eric tells Layzie about the drama between him and his sisters regarding the Eazy-E documentary. What Eric doesn’t know is that Layzie is involved. Layzie doesn’t want to bring it up to him at the gravesite in front of the cameras.

The next day, Vanessa and Cree run into JoJo who’s with Twist. Twist has a bone to pick with Cree regarding the chaos that occurred at his party. Fortunately, he lets it go when Cree apologizes. Cree and Vanessa let them know the details of their surprise party. This includes Cree getting the strippers.

Sam’s ready for Egypt to let go.

Meanwhile, Egypt sets up a beautiful picnic on the beach for her and Sam. During their picnic, they get sentimental and Egypt doesn’t want to leave Sam’s side no matter what. However, despite how much he loves her, he doesn’t want Egypt holding him down if he’s locked up. The whole situation weighs on Sam who even tells Egypt he doesn’t want to be married if his case doesn’t go his way.

Regarding the meetings, Sam’s cool with it. In his interview, he says he’s happy for her and oddly enough, he’s “not her babysitter.”

Cree and Tee Tee clash and Shawn isn’t interested in the strippers.

It’s the night of the surprise party and most of the cast shows up. Cree’s playing it off as no one knows what’s in store for the couple. Jojo and Briana show up and blindfold Shawn. Jojo takes the guys with them. Before Cree leaves with Tee Tee, they try to hash things out. However, things don’t go well and this leaves Cree feeling some type of way. So much so, she decides not to go to the bachelorette party.

When they make it to their spots, Vanessa wonders why Cree didn’t show up but Tee Tee doesn’t care. Cree decided to go to the bachelor party. Meanwhile, Shawn is uncomfortable with the strippers. He’s fully dedicated to Tee Tee and isn’t in the mood to party. However, this isn’t going to stop the guys and Cree from having a good time.

On the other hand, Tee Tee seemingly enjoys the male strippers Vanessa got her. Later on, the strippers are having fun but Shawn goes and hides. Twist jokingly says Tee Tee controls the relationship. Meanwhile, Jojo says Shawn’s distant because of the rumors of infidelity and doesn’t want to cause further trouble.

Things get even more awkward when the girls come over to the men’s party. Tee Tee’s impressed Shawn didn’t entertain the strippers.

Eventually, Shawn and Tee Tee leave and everyone calls the party lame. Even the strippers.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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