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‘VH1: Family Reunion’ Recap: Erica Says Rich Respected Her More Than Safaree

vh1 family reunion season 2 episode 9

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Amid her problems with Safaree, Erica gives Rich his props. 

As Erica continues to drink and call out Safaree at the swimming pool, everyone else feels uncomfortable. She also tells everyone that Rich had more respect for her when they were dealing with each other. In a green screen interview, Safaree says it’s sad to see Erica behave this way. Zell hopes everyone will be in better spirits at his version of the Met Gala affair later that night. 

Everyone comes out dressed sharp. Peter is annoyed to see Cisco walking out with Amina. He’s also holding the train of her dress. 

Zell takes the mic. He says he was in a dark place during his first season on LHHH. He was living in a hotel at the time. So he’s happy to be in a much better place. He wants to focus on being positive now. 

Safaree tries to express his love for Erica.

It gets emotional after Zell asks everyone to get up and say what made them become the diamonds they are today. Safaree struggles when it’s his turn because he’s drunk. In a green screen interview, he says that he doesn’t usually drink. But the drama with Erica made him want to. 

Safaree announces that he loves Erica so he’s not signing the divorce papers. Erica is unmoved although everyone else feels Safaree is being authentic. After he finishes speaking, Erica walks away with Brooke. She breaks down in tears, saying Safaree hurt her so much as Brooke consoles her. 

It’s Erica and Safaree’s wedding anniversary. Safaree tells Marcus, Zell, and Juelz that it really seems like Erica is really done with him this time. Juelz suggests Safaree fights for Erica and their family. 

Erica wants everyone to stop pushing her to give Safaree another chance. 

Juelz has a basketball game with the men divided into two different teams. To no surprise, Booby’s team wins since he used to play in the NBA. After they wrap up, Juelz takes the mic to wish Safaree and Erica a happy anniversary. He wants them to work things out. So he offers his support. Erica is annoyed and rolls her eyes at this. 

Paris tells Zell and the others she’s going home. She only came to support Zell’s event and his version of the Met Gala went really well. 

Cisco apologizes to Peter.

Peter confronts Cisco for holding Amina’s dress the other night. Cisco says that he was just trying to be a gentleman. After Peter tells Cisco he needs to go find his own wife, this upsets Cisco. He says this was a jab because Peter knows he just lost his wife recently. Cisco tells Peter he has one more time to bring up his family and things will get physical. He then walks away. 

Rich goes to check on Cisco. Cisco is emotional and tells Rich that it hurts for Peter to say things about his family knowing he just went through a divorce and doesn’t see his kids as much as he wants to. 

Erica is touched when the other ladies and Bobby surprise her with champagne and flowers to cheer her up on her anniversary. 

Safaree pulls Erica aside to apologize for treating her badly during her pregnancy. Divorce or not, Safaree understands that he has to communicate better and stop shutting down. 

As the tension continues, Cisco comes clean. 

Cisco and Peter’s drama worsens. Stevie tells Peter that Shekinah said that Cisco told her he slept with Amina. Peter confronts Cisco about this. Cisco denies telling anyone he slept with Amina. But they did make out and kissed with no tongue. He knows he was wrong and apologizes. Peter is just about over his friendship with Cisco. So he decides to just cut the conversation short and walk away. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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