Gizelle Bryant Says Peter Thomas Rumors Brought on Real Life Consequences for Her

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RHOP star Gizelle Bryant is a hot topic on social media.

Gizelle Bryant is no stranger to controversial moments on “Real Housewives of Potomac.” In fact, every season she ends up getting caught up in the drama. On the previous season, her friendship with Wendy Osefo fell apart. The issue was Wendy didn’t like that Gizelle brought up cheating rumors on the show. The rumors in particular accused Eddie Osefo of cheating. And Wendy questioned why Gizelle would bring this up on the show if they were establishing a friendship.

On the upcoming season, Gizelle will have more drama to deal with. As it stands, Gizelle has managed to upset Candiace Dillard and Chris Bassett. It’s been rumored she accused Chris of being inappropriate with her. And she allegedly said this allegedly took place at last season’s reunion.

Candiace has since unfollowed Gizelle on Instagram. And Chris has been calling Gizelle out on Twitter. He’s accused her of lying.

While Gizelle hasn’t responded to the claims and comments made by Chris, she did address another rumor during an interview. Recently, it was alleged that Gizelle is dating former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband Peter Thomas. Considering Gizelle attended Cynthia Bailey’s wedding to Mike Hill, some people took to social media to call Gizelle out.

The false rumor was taken seriously by people close to Gizelle Bryant.

Gizelle and Robyn Dixon recently did an interview with Fox 5 Washington DC. They were there to promote the live recording for their podcast, “Reasonably Shady.” And Gizelle was asked if it’s true that she’s dating Peter.

And Gizelle said, “No, it’s so not true.” She continued, “I know exactly where it came from but I won’t say. I’ll save that for the show and it’s so not true. And it’s actually hurtful to other people when people do things like this because I think Peter has a legitimate girlfriend.”

Phone calls had to be made, “I’ve had to talk to Cynthia about it, I’ve had to talk to my ex-husband about it.” Gizelle added, “I’ve had to talk to my male suitors about it. It’s just not cool because it’s so not true.”

The rumor probably went viral due to the fact that the RHOP cast has been filming at Peter’s Bar One in Miami.

Robyn was asked if she thinks Ashley Darby is being hypocritical in her situation with Michael Darby. Weeks ago, Ashley confirmed they are separated. But she recently revealed they are still living together.

Interestingly enough, Robyn doesn’t think Ashley is being hypocritical at all. And she says the difference is Michael and Ashley are still living together while they are in the process of divorcing. But she and Juan were divorced while they were living together, which is way more complicated.

Regardless, Robyn believes becoming a mother has changed Ashley a lot and she would most likely understand Robyn’s past decisions now that she’s a mother, too.

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  1. Gizelle is a lot of things but I don’t see her dating a friend’s ex husband. So I didn’t believe the rumor anyway. But I don’t doubt Cynthia wanted to hear this straight from Gizelle’s mouth because sometimes people will surprise you won’t they?

  2. Why is she trying so hard to prove that she isn’t dating Peter? That just gives life to the rumors, it finally gives her a storyline.

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