OWN Causes a Stir on Social Media With Recent Post About Monique Samuels

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Monique Samuels has moved on to OWN.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” has been such a huge hit for OWN that a new spinoff is on the way. In fact, “Real Housewives of Potomac” alum Monique Samuels has joined the “Love & Marriage: DC” cast. When the announcement was made, Monique told her supporters that she was excited to be on the new show. Her departure from RHOP was so negative that she wasn’t even thinking she should ever be on TV again. However, she had a long talk with Carlos King. And he was able to convince her and Chris Samuels to give reality television another shot. So for Monique, being on the LAMH spinoff is a way for her and Chris to show their true selves and be more transparent about their marriage.

Although many are thrilled to see Monique back on television, some are not. In fact, they continue to make their feelings known on social media. For them, Monique’s altercation with Candiace Dillard is still fresh on their minds. This is one of the reasons why they had a lot to say in response to a recent social media post by OWN.

In the post, OWN referred to Monique as the “queen of reality tv.” And it didn’t take long for their mentions and replies to get messy.

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  1. Umm she’s definitely not the queen. But I think the purpose of this tweet was to trigger people and increase engagement.

    1. Exactly! That tweet has now reached more people that it would have reached if they would have just said that Monique will be on the show

  2. Nene, Tiffany (New York), and Tami have a better argument for this title. Love Monique though!

  3. Who takes titles seriously unless you’re actually royalty?
    I think it was just a play on words to advertise a new show. I will be happy to see this family return to tv.
    Hopefully the dramas will not overshadow the couples. No childish shenanigans because I had enough with Huntsville.

  4. Monique is so fake,I truly can’t stand her or FOREHEAD her husband! She thinks she is better than everyone! Bipolar Monique is only the queen of bullsh-t! I won’t be watching!

  5. LAMH is just so negative and draining now. Nothing but catfighting and high school drama between the women. And the husbands are just as messy. I had no idea the show would turn into this when I was watching the first season. So I don’t have high expectations for the spinoff. I’ll give it a chance. I just think too many of these reality shows are exhausting to watch now.

    1. This is very true! I will say Monique didn’t do anything different than what the RHOA and RHONJ have done (I.e flipping tables, kicking people in the stomach, yanking a ponytail, throwing drinks on people and how many people has Porsha beat up? It would’ve been different if Monique actually kicked Candice’s a-s! She pulled her d-mn hair!

  6. I am just HAPPY to see Monique back on our tv’s.I LOVE Mo but i think TIFFANY (NEW YORK) has EARNED the QUEEN title.

  7. So happy Monique is back where she can shine, RHOP didn’t give her a fair chance and then with her hair pulling with Candiance, Gizelle, Robin and Wendy iced her out and Andy didn’t treat her fair either. So I hope that Carlos treats her well and that she shines and shows what her true self.

  8. I truly did not care for the show last night. And that awful mop on her head was horrible.I don’t think I be watching she’s to phony acting on this show. I liked her better on HW of Potomac.

  9. I’m glad to have Monique back she went through all of that about Candance because Candance started it and when the fire got hot she wanted to play the victim role she wasn’t the victim when she was doing all that talking. I dislike Candance she is nothing but a bully. So I’m glad Monique and her husband is back on TV and on a new network.

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