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‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Duffey is Done with Roccstar + Brandi Says Therapy Saved Marriage

basketball wives season 10 episode 6

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

It’s time for a new chapter for Duffey.

Duffey recaps what went down at Brandi’s food tasting event with her boo Iman. And she tells him about Roccstar threatening to expose her and ruin their relationship. Iman feels like Roccstar is being too emotional. And he’s not worried about what Roccstar is talking about. 

They change topics. Duffey has decided she will end her career as a DJ. But she wants Iman to know she does still want to transition to another career. Staying at home every day isn’t an option. He wants her to spend more time at home but he’ll support her new career since it will be less demanding than DJ’ing. 

Brandi feels Malaysia tried to set her up.

Jackie tells Malaysia and Jennifer that she’s not going to let people paint her out to be messy in the group after her blowup with Angel. So she’s inviting everyone to a recording of her podcast so they can all hash things out. 

It’s the day of Jackie’s podcast. Brandi talks about her status with Malaysia. She feels like Malaysia was playing dirty and setting up an ambush when she showed up at Duffey’s dating event with Zell. Brandi breaks down in tears as she talks about how stressed out she’s been lately. Her father’s death has made her emotional. However, she doesn’t want to be friends with Malaysia again.

Angel spends some time with her son. After a conversation with Roccstar, they think it’s a good idea if he moves into the guest house to make room for the baby. They have an emotional moment as Angel admits she feels guilty about working so much. She wishes she could spend more time with him. But she’s had to be a mother and father to him after his dad passed away.

The women reflect on the ups and downs of the lifestyle. 

Duffey arrives at the podcast recording. She tells Jackie she’s officially done with Roccstar. At this point, she doesn’t want to ever be around him again. Duffey really believes he crossed the line. But she’s hoping that she and Jackie can repair things with Angel. However, Angel wants a little time away from the group after the recent drama. But for now, Duffey is focusing on her future. She’s decided producing is what’s next for her. It will allow her to spend more time at home. 

When Nia arrives, Brooke makes a stank face. And Brandi isn’t thrilled to see Malaysia roll in late. Regardless, Jackie keeps things on track. Malaysia is the first one to speak about her experiences as a basketball wife. She feels her ex treated her like a punching bag when they were married. Malaysia is emotional while reflecting on this. 

In a green screen interview, Brooke says this is the version of Malaysia that makes her want to get to know her. And Brandi says in her interview that hearing Malaysia be vulnerable reminded her why they were good friends.

Brittish breaks down while talking about her time with Lorenzo. Although he cheated multiple times, she realizes he’s always been there for her during her tough moments in life. 

Angel gives her son a happy update. He won’t have to move out of his room. She and Roccstar realize it wasn’t fair to ask him to move into the guest house. 

Brittish goes off on Lorenzo because of a social media post.

Brandi gives Brittish some advice about Lorenzo. She says that therapy helped her get over years of her husband Jason cheating on her. And she thinks therapy can help Brittish and Lorenzo.

Brittish has a bone to pick with Lorenzo. She’s upset his new girlfriend posted a photo of their daughter on social media. Since she doesn’t know the woman, she feels boundaries weren’t respected. Lorenzo doesn’t see the big deal since the photo was deleted. And Brittish goes off on him about his nonchalant attitude. In her opinion, Lorenzo knows her triggers. She points out that he’d be angry if a man she was dating did the same. However, Lorenzo stresses that he doesn’t tell Brittish what she can and can’t do in her life. So he wants her to understand she has no say so in his. 

Frustrated by Lorenzo’s response, Brittish hangs up on him. And she says Lorenzo always does something disrespectful right when she thinks they can get back together.

At the end of the episode, Brandi calls a producer to tell him she won’t be able to film her green screen interview. Her doctor has instructed her to rush to the hospital because she may have cancer. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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