Phaedra Parks Says Marlo Hampton is Carrying the Current Season of RHOA

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Phaedra Parks isn’t interested in returning to RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Phaedra Parks is back on the scene thanks to “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.” She’s on the second season. So she’s been doing interviews and speaking about her time on the show. Interestingly enough, Phaedra has been a hot topic with RHOA fans due to the current season. While some people are happy Marlo Hampton has a peach, others can’t get past their favorites being gone. In fact, some fans are calling for the return of NeNe Leakes, Porsha Williams, and Phaedra. Interestingly enough, Phaedra said she’s not really interested in coming back. Plus, her fallout with Kandi Burruss was so bad that it doesn’t appear either wants to be around each other.

Regardless of the cast changes, the show is still full of drama. As it stands, Marlo has managed to fall out with Kandi and Kenya Moore. And she told Carlos King that she intends to make Kandi work for her check this season. She doesn’t care that Kandi advocated for her to get a peach either.

Well, Phaedra was recently asked about Marlo securing a peach for Season 14. And she said that Marlo is actually carrying the season.

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  1. You know what Phaedra? After reading this awesome article, I must say that I need you to take several seats! You tire me with your fake Southern Bell half-in half-out, I truly starve for attention 24-7, self-absorbed self! You did all that talking about Marlo just to say at the end that basically you are responsible for her peach. Marlo doesn’t need you to validate or co-sign her dedication to the show. You act like you birthed her full grown. I never liked you Phaedra. You are always at your worst best when you are reminding us minions that if it wasn’t for you, RHOA would be and is nothing without you. Give it a rest Sis. Your gray roots need touching up yesterday!

  2. I don’t think Marlo is carrying the show at all. She’s trying too hard and I don’t enjoy her scenes.

  3. I disagree. I’m not a fan of housewives who create drama for no reason out of desperation. Forced beef isn’t entertaining to me personally.

    1. @Queen, I live for your comments! You are always on point. “Forced beef” is my new go-to phrase for the entire Housewives franchise. They all be manufacturing beef for ratings. It’s sad, but strangely satisfying. ????

  4. All of them are bringing it imo. Then we get Married 2 Med back next week. I can’t wait to have RHOA & Married 2 Med back to back on Sundays.

  5. Yeah Phaedra is definitely returning to RHOA soon. Especially with Kandi having the OLG and Xscape shows. I see you Bravo.

  6. Queen you are so right first Phaedra was not the reason for marlo peach they finally gave her a peach cause she has been begging for years. Her best friend Nene didn’t even advocate for her. Bravo was desperate and marlo is trying too hard to make enemies with the top performers. Just looks stupid to me the way marlo is acting. Concentrate on your nonprofit marlo you would look so much better as oppose creating beef where there is none.

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