Phaedra Parks Responds to Backlash + Says She Doesn’t Want to Return to RHOA

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Don’t expect Phaedra Parks to say a lot about her RHOA departure.

Phaedra Parks is a polarizing “Real Housewives of Atlanta” former cast member. While some fans want her to return to the show, others want her to stay far away. And they haven’t forgotten how nasty her fallout with Kandi Burruss became. So they completely understand why Kandi would leave the show if producers decided they wanted Phaedra back on the platform. Regardless, Phaedra wants to keep her eyes forward. She didn’t want to rehash her messy departure when she was asked about it on “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.”

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Phaedra explained why she didn’t want to talk about her exit. She said, “Actually we had spoke about it earlier. And so they chose not to air it in its entirety. However, that was…and to just be very honest, that was 5 and a half, 6 years ago. There’s two sides to that story, you only heard one. And obviously, they chose not to play the other side. It is what it is.”

She continued, “I’m living in the present and I think people realize…the people that know, know. Most of the people knew and they still know.”

Phaedra Parks doesn’t want to go back to RHOA.

When Phaedra was asked if there was any footage she wished would have aired, she answered, “No but I’ll say it like this, it is what it is. People are gonna like you and they’re gonna believe whatever side they want to believe. And I think my record speaks for itself. Not one day is going to obviously be my legacy. That was some BS as I said then, and it’s still some BS. Obviously, I’m back in the Bravo family, so that speaks volumes shall we say.”

She added, “Obviously there was this whole issue with me and they didn’t want to be bothered with me, then you wouldn’t see me popping up at every event ’cause I didn’t invite myself, baby.”

Phaedra also stressed that she doesn’t want to be back on RHOA, “No, I don’t wanna pick up a peach. If I wanted a peach, I would have a peach pie.”

These days Phaedra would prefer to be on “Real Housewives of Dubai.”

“I’ve made it very clear that’s not what I want to do. I will be yachting. Let them continue to sail away on the Titanic.”

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  1. If Phadrea can shut down topics she doesn’t want to discuss why can’t the others?
    Point, Kandi has made a lot of money from it. Kandi is all so the one who keep talking about the rumor on camera. Hmmmm

  2. You know, NBC Universal , the parent of Bravo, has done allot of public investigations on their employees. As a matter of fact, all organizations have in the past too. So I wonder why a investigation was not conducted at the time. Phaedra was also still practicing law, i think, I wonder why the georgia state bar did not investigate any unethical actions made. Seems like there was another party in the mix. That other party was likely not an employee of NBCUNIVERSAL, the parent of Bravo as Phaedra and Khandi are. Since the blame fell on the other party there wasn’t enough to do anything and was out of NBC/BRAVO’s scope. A scandal like that is parallel to allegations made to famous about past news commentators on the network who had to leave the company and are still not back. NBC/Bravo would not be working with phaedra , she wouldn’t be book and paid, and her reputation would have sunk with executives in the industry . No one was to hire a liability especially in this post me too, cancel culture environment. Kandi would have major evidence of defamation of her name, and most know defamation cases are hard to prove especially for public figures.This has to be the best storyline in the history of Bravo. Many ate it up at face value. The main parties enjoy brand recognition. Technically phaedra didn’t even bring it up. Bravo and kandi, but mainly kandi, made life to this even though it happened so many years to grab people’s attention and strike emotions to be more invested. So many other things to talk about on a marketing campaign for a show, interest was needed. I guess I have an unpopular opinion. This is all entertainment anyway lol. Looking at everything in a more critical way.

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