Bambi Says Scrappy Didn’t Impregnate Shay Johnson + Momma Dee & Shay Respond

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Bambi decided to set the record straight.

On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Miami,” Shay Johnson surprised her loved ones with some baby news. She confirmed she was expecting her first child. However, she wasn’t ready to reveal the child’s father just yet. Momma Dee was in attendance at the event. She told Bobby Lytes that she wishes Scrappy would have married Shay instead of Bambi. Momma Dee also said she had no idea that Shay was pregnant. But she didn’t want to rule out that the child’s father could be Scrappy. And she accused Shay and Scrappy of meeting up several months prior.

Some LHHATL fans took to social media to accuse Momma Dee of crossing the line. As for Bambi, she set the record straight on Instagram Live.

She said, “Does Scrappy really have a baby by that bruh? Who is that bruh? And the only kids Scrapp got is the ones on his page. So sorry to ruin the next episode for y’all.”

Bambi continued, “He ain’t the daddy, oh my God. Y’all are so ******* weird. No, y’all aren’t weird, the people who make it look like he’s the daddy are weird as ****.”

She also told her followers that she would be insulted by Momma Dee’s actions if she was Shay. In her opinion, it’s not a good look for the pregnant woman when people are questioning her child’s paternity. And she would want to set the record straight immediately if there was ever that kind of confusion surrounding her pregnancy.

Well, Shay and Momma Dee seemingly responded to Bambi’s Instagram Live session. In a video posted to Instagram, Shay said, “Hello, sitting here unbothered.” Momma Dee then said, “Yes, very very very very unbothered. But obviously, somebody is.”

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  1. The gaslighting is annoying. Shay and Momma Dee are being very thirsty and messy but they want it to look like Bambi is the problem.

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