Drew Sidora Drags Sheree Whitfield + Calls Her Relationship with Martell Holt Fake

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Sheree Whitfield and Drew Sidora took their issues to Twitter.

Drew Sidora and Sheree Whitfield did a good deed on the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” They put their issues to the side to plan a surprise birthday party for Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore. Both were hoping that they could push Kenya and Marlo to hash out their issues. Marlo doesn’t like that Kenya disagreed with Marlo’s decision to kick out her nephews. As for Kenya, she was done with Marlo after she was accused of lying to skip out on a dinner for Sheree. Interestingly enough, both Kenya and Marlo still couldn’t fix their issues. But the dinner was a peaceful one still.

Interestingly enough, Drew took issue with Sheree for not paying her share of the party expenses. And it was said that Sheree owed Drew $1350.

Sheree thought the amount was absurd. And she refused to pay all of it.

Well, Drew tweeted about the situation. This led to a war of words between Sheree and Drew. The ladies came for each other’s wigs and fashions. However, Drew made sure to bring up “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt after Sheree was critical of her marriage to Ralph Pittman.

After the exchange, many fans came to the conclusion that Sheree was bested by Drew. And it wasn’t even close.

Check out the messy tweet exchange below.

Drew isn’t the first person to warn Sheree about her romance with Martell. “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Momma Dee recently questioned Sheree’s decision-making after she confirmed the relationship. And Kandi thinks Martell could be using Sheree to expand his own brand.

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  1. Fake or not, Sheree is foolish to entertain Martell in any capacity. Drew definitely grew on me this season. Kenya too.

  2. Do you remember Sheree’s once-famous line of “Who’s gonna check me Boo?” Well, it looks like Drew just did. LOL!

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