Meda Montana Responds After Kendra Robinson & LHHATL Fans Question Her Receipts

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Meda Montana’s receipts were questioned by Kendra Robinson.

Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc are a hot topic on the current season of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” While Joc and Kendra were preparing for their wedding, the cast was processing some messy accusations. Not only was Joc accused of fathering a child with another woman recently (this turned out to be true), but some suspected he cheated on Kendra with Spice’s friend Meda Montana.

Meda claimed that she’s been hooking up with Joc on and off since 2008. And when she was asked what the cutoff year was, she said 2019.

Spice eventually got Meda to agree to a sitdown with Joc and Kendra to get to the bottom of things. Although some people told Kendra to let it go because they’re married now, Kendra said she wants the truth. So she asked Meda to provide proof of her claims. And Meda eventually whipped out hard copies of what she alleges are texts between her and Joc.

In one of the exchanges, someone she alleged was Joc told her they wanted to make love. And that message was from 2019.

Although Kendra was upset about this, she wasn’t so sure the texts were legit. She asked Meda to show her the messages on her phone. And Meda said she couldn’t because she didn’t have her old phone with her.

Meda Montana responded to LHHATL fans who had doubts.

Well, Meda recently addressed this on Instagram. She said those who doubt her need to keep watching.

An Instagram user wrote, “Shorty just show it tf either you got it or you don’t like if you don’t have it in your phone, then how were you able to print a paper out? Make it make sense.”

Meda responded, “Did have the phone. Never said I didn’t. Just not with me. #keepwatching”

Another person had the same perspective, “Right?! But you found the phone to print it though and now you don’t have it when you meet her. If I’m coming with receipts I’m bringing the **** phone, pics, etc.”

Meda then wrote, “Had the iPhone on me hon not the Samsung. The old Samsung phone screen is broke so I had to take pictures of the screen with my new phone and print them. It took a lot to print the messages.”

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  1. I honestly think her and Kendra both look like fools. Both have all this education and multiple degrees just to be basic when it comes to men and relationships. Makes no sense but this is the reality for a lot of black women. We have to be smarter where it actually matters.

  2. The way Joc responds when he’s busted is absurd. He absolutely knows Kendra is going NO WHERE! In the Pastor’s office he actually said “I do not recall” about Karlie and said “Those messages could mean anything. They don’t PROVE nothing”

    He in no way denied the messages.

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