Wendy Osefo’s Mother Slams Mia Thornton & Peter Thomas + Mia Claps Back

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Mia Thornton and Peter Thomas have been receiving backlash from RHOP fans.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Mia Thornton is currently in the hot seat thanks to her actions from the current season. She hasn’t been able to get along with Wendy Osefo since her first season on the show. The issue then was Wendy felt like Mia was most likely a fake friend to Karen Huger. At the time, Karen and Gizelle Bryant were in a bad place. So Wendy thought it was shady for Mia to try to get Gizelle’s number after first meeting her. Wendy called Mia out about this. And they have had tension ever since. However, fans didn’t anticipate that the drama between them would turn violent.

Wendy’s potential business deal with Peter Thomas didn’t pan out. Peter told Mia that he had “beef” with Wendy after Mia brought the ladies to Bar One for their first night in Miami. Since Mia considers Peter a “family friend,” she decided to confront Wendy about this. And it didn’t take long for the conversation to go left. Before the night was over, Mia threw her drink at Wendy. She also assaulted Wendy with her purse.

A lot of fans were outraged by Mia’s treatment of Wendy. They have been coming for her quite a bit on social media as well.

Wendy Osefo’s mother is fed up.

Interestingly enough, none of the fans are more outraged than Wendy’s mother. She recently dragged Mia and Peter, too. And Mia clapped back.

As we reported, some fans and certain cast members think what Mia did to Wendy was completely wrong and unnecessary. Wendy completely agrees. And she couldn’t understand why Mia escalated things to throwing a drink and assaulting Wendy with her purse. To no surprise, Wendy’s mother isn’t happy about this either. In fact, she recently slammed Mia and Peter on social media.

She posted a photo of Mia on Instagram and penned the following caption:

Well, well well! Ugly inside out !! CRATER face Mia!! A bombastic, ignorant, nonsensical, baseless, wanna be CEO troublemaker! You’ve bitten more than you can chew! You just messed with a “wrong” Naija 🇳🇬 🇳🇬 MamaBear baby. Oh yes, Mia you assaulted my baby Dr. Wendy #rhop.

Iyanga dey sleep trouble go wake am” “na wahala you dey find.” Remember, he/she who fights and run away lives to fight another day. To **** with Mia and Peter! Oh, Yeeessss, I say HOLY GHOST FIRE 🔥🔥on Mia and Peter, and Thunderous amen 🔥🔥QED.

When Mia was made aware of the post, she responded. She wrote, “Nigeria 🇳🇬 Yes, I can wave the flag because it’s in my DNA, MAMA ‘na wahala you.’ But sis too busy trying to defend she never once took the time to find out we from the same land. So take your Thunderous self on to the Holy Ghost Fire and repent. P.S. – My family KNOWS your family. So Tic Tok Mama, WE don’t receive threats kindly.”

Wendy’s mother didn’t back down. She responded, “@mrsmiathornton Apparently you do not understand the definition of a threat! Uneducated classless crater face! You should be worried about physically assaulting my daughter and issue a genuine apology! As I mentioned on my earlier post; the prosecution is watching.”

She continued, “@mrsmiathornton you should shut up and genuinely apologize! You have a mouth, you should use it and NOT physically attack my daughter! FREE SPEECH Mia! Who do you think you are assaulting my daughter? Your action was seen all over the world!! Holy Ghost fire 🔥🔥 on you and Peter!”


  1. I’m sorry but now this is begin drawn out. Prior to this there was nothing interesting about Wendy or her family so if they want to pursue legal action, (which I think contractually they can’t) then they need to do that. But this wasn’t hair pulling and glass breaking, this was water and a purse. So yes Wendy was assaulted but we do not need all of this. Kinda starting to give Candice vibes. Mia obviously is leaving the cast so why beat a dead horse.

    1. Mia was wrong and I don’t care what anyone says— an assault is an assault. Twice Mia crossed over into Wendy’s personal space. She became the aggressor when she asserted herself in a business matter that had nothing to do with her. After insulting Wendy she became even more aggressive when Wendy clapped back at her.

    2. Right! Mom needs to take several seats, to the back. Wendy is a grown, who signed up for a platform, where anything can happen. Not saying it was right, I don’t condone that at all. Just saying, Wendy is not a shrinking violet, she got a mouth on her too, and some aggression.

  2. I completely understand being mad about someone attacking your daughter physically. But I still wholeheartedly believe that mothers need to step back and allow their adult children to fight their own battles. Things just get worse when parents get involved in these things.

    1. Agreed. It always get worse when the mothers get involved. Now Wendy is going to want to fight because Mia clapped back but her mother needs to stay out of this.

    2. Agree and as was spoken earlier Wendy doesn’t really have a storyline and this is been blown way out of proportion!

        1. Trying to fight Wendy. That’s literally it. Her cancer storyline lasted for 2 episodes. These new Mia fans are just Wendy haters. Don’t pay them any mind. They’d love Wendy if she was light skinned.

          1. She only came up because of her daddy oh I mean husband who appears to enjoy other women besides crater face. Should have stayed on the stripper pole big bird

          2. She only came up because of her daddy oh I mean husband who appears to enjoy other women besides crater face. Thank big bird Should have stayed on the stripper pole 😉

  3. Sorry I don’t like this either. If Mia responded by dragging Wendy’s mom’s looks, Wendy and the entire fan base would want her head and job. Keep the mothers out of the nonsense please.

  4. Wendy’s mother must not have a mirror in her house cause she is not no beauty queen. Wendy tell your mama to mind her own business and buy a mirror.

  5. Nah, Mia disrespected the entire f-ck out of Wendy. It’s a different situation when someone actually puts their hands, drinks, and objects on your kid. I get it.

    1. Wendy is not innocent and yes, Mia should not have thrown the drink. WENDY IS
      always talking down to people. Yes, she may have 4 Degrees and a Professor which she let’s you know ALL the time, but I agree with Robyn that Wendy escalated the situation. She could have used her intelligence and squashed the whole situation. When someone goes low. You go high! You don’t stoop to the other person’s level.

  6. Mia threw a d-mn drink and purse because she wasn’t able to outwit Wendy. She is lucky an Instagram post was all she got and Wendy’s family members have enough class not to whoop her a-s in real life.

    1. Why can’t Wendy ( Candiace , also) get it. Words are an ASSAULT also! Ya know, don’t let your mouth write a check your a-s can’t handle !!!

      1. No offense sweetheart, but what you’re saying is illogical and it’s a sure way to end up with some mugshots, lawsuits, and criminal records. A degenerate attitude will not get one very far in life. Y’all really be ready to throw your whole lives away because of hurt feelings. It’s not smart and the prison system is full enough as it is for you to willingly sign up to join it. But go ahead if you’d like. Thought this lesson was obvious after Chappelle did the When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong bits.

    2. Absolutely, Mia better be glad she is not on the Real Housewives of Atlanta because she would have gotten her ass beat when they were not filming. Funky dineva is trying to be relevant.

  7. Sad. This is getting ridiculous and pathetic. Now her momma is getting involved in this. All this on social media too. Sad . Not much to say and there is no class in this, just beating a dead horse. Drink was thrown all the time on these shows. Thankfully no knives was thrown like someone did in a prior season in the victims own home. I really can’t wait till this season is over and hope there is a major shake up since key players can do well anyway. They don’t need this show. It will do them a favor.

  8. So what if her mother gets involve. That classless piece of garbage had zero rights to assualt Wendy. Wendy’s dealings with Peter should not be Mia’s business. Mia is violent. She is grown women who cannot use her words. Bravo needs to terminate her contract. Mia has joined the mean bitches group. Its sad to see black women drag one another down. This is exausting.

  9. Wendy’s mother stay the h-ll out of your daughter’s reality show RHOP,. You don’t see Eddy coming to Wendy’s defense, he is waiting for the show, so His wife can finally give us a storyline. Wendy and her family have been boring with no storyline. When her mother and sister were on the show, they were boring. Wendy and her mother call Mia, crater face, agitating Mia about her and husband’s s-x life., with words to get a storyline since Wendy and her family are boring. Now I see the reason Eddy’s family don’t care for Wendy and her family. Wendy needs this show because every venture and action she has tried to bring to RHOP hasn’t worked for her. So Wendy is back in her Husband’s pocket. And he is saying No to all her dead -best ventures on the show. So, this the reason Wendy is trying to get herself a storyline so Bravo will keep her boring a-s. I’m sure your mother signed a contract to not interfere with the real cast, since had her mother and sister on the show as a guests

  10. Y’all keep calling Wendy and her family boring. Why? Because they aren’t dysfunctional? It’s like black people can’t be considered entertaining to y’all unless they’re a whole stereotype fighting, throwing drinks on television and demeaning themselves. Wendy’s family is beautiful. I enjoy all of their scenes. RHOP family scenes are enjoyable for me.

  11. Mia is ugly inside and out. I view her as a tramp at best. Violence never solves anything. She’s very petty and needs to mind her own business. Peter is a grown man and has a mouth. Robin and Gizelle need to stay out of the situation. They are always eager to get in the middle. They are two fake woman. You can’t assault someone and then go cry to your husband. Mia is disgusting.

  12. Some of y’all ain’t beating the colorism accusations. On what earth does anyone think it’s okay to plan a trip and physically attack the person you invited because of an argument you instigated? Y’all are giving all these passes to Mia like she didn’t sit on the show a few eps ago bragging about sleeping with G when he was married. She’s a train wreck. But y’all want Wendy to be perfect and think she deserves abuse. Keep it up. Y’all are telling on yourselves.

    1. Same. I didn’t agree with the colorism stuff but now I can see it. There’s no logical way that Mia can be defended. It’s definitely colorism to side with her on this.

  13. I would like to know where the h-ll was y’all at when Wendy at the pajama party when, Wendy told Giselle that she will kick her MF a-s?

  14. Mia was completely wrong. She picked a fight over a man that isn’t even hers. I’m proud of Wendy for not fighting even when I know she wanted to. Robyn was right. Wendy does have more to lose than Mia. Wendy is self made. Mia is not.

    1. What company..if you have company someone just can’t lock you out..the company belongs to her creepy man family!!..

  15. None of y’all would be okay with someone throwing a drink in your face and hitting you with a purse. Wendy’s mom cussing out Mia pales in comparison. Sop deflecting because it looks goofy. If Mia treated any of you like she did Wendy, the majority of you would cut all the way up. Mia is very fortunate that she can’t be sued or charged because of contracts. She’s moving like a fool on this platform.

  16. I would not talk about peoples family members, If I was in something with someone I would talk about them not their family.

  17. Team Wendy! Use your words or find another platform. Zeus Network and VH1 are always hiring. They may be a better fit for Mia since she likes throwing drinks and fist fighting.

  18. Every woman on RHOP has a mouth and has talked sh-t about each other, their marriages, etc. Yet, the only two women assaulted for “having too much mouth” are the only two dark skinned women. Interesting.

  19. Wendy has an issues about her skin color, H-ll!! You’re in America 🤬 African Americans come in differently colors and you get use to it go back where you and your skin bleaching Moma come from🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    1. Yup, Wendy is the ONE with skin color issues. Never heard it mentioned til she came on this show with her narcissistic momma and cowering husband in tow, frying up her daughter’s hair every episode.

  20. The couple own a chain of chiropractic clinics called The Joint Chiropractic over 15 franchises across four states, and Mia is the CEO of a cosmetics company called Amilleon London. and McDonald’s and Massage Envy, combine their net worth is $100 million dollars, I don’t even think Wendy is a millionaire.

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