NeNe Leakes Says Robyn Dixon & Gizelle Bryant Aren’t Stars + Shades RHOP Ratings

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Robyn Dixon is caught up in a couple of controversies.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon continues to be a hot topic in the media as of late. As we reported, a lot of accusations have been made during the current season. Karen Huger accused Robyn and Juan Dixon‘s wedding of being fake. And she also alleged that Juan has a girlfriend whom Robyn has known about. This was in response to Robyn calling Karen fake and moving like she thinks she’s off limits to the rest of the group. Robyn said this was the first time she’s ever heard the rumor. She called Juan while she was filming, and he went off, even warning that he will curse out her coworkers.

After the recent episode of RHOP aired, it was revealed that Robyn and Juan tied the knot recently. And Robyn reportedly confirmed this when the cast filmed the reunion recently. Not too long after this news came out, a woman came forward with more accusations about Juan. She alleged that she has been dealing with Juan until January of last year. The woman contacted blogger Sergio Says with the allegations and a hotel invoice.

Robyn addressed the situation on her “Reasonably Shady” podcast with Gizelle Bryant. She said that Juan was “an idiot” during the pandemic. The woman reached out to her, too. And she and Juan have already worked through the issue. She also said that she would possibly share a lot more on Patreon.

To no surprise, RHOP fans had a lot to say about Robyn’s revelation on social media. However, NeNe Leakes‘ opinions on Robyn and Gizelle caused a stir on social media as well. And the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” OG didn’t hold back either.

Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant aren’t stars in NeNe Leakes’ opinion.

NeNe appeared on the Breakfast Club. She read the report about the latest shenanigans involving Robyn. She said, “‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Robyn Dixon addresses allegations of Juan Dixon cheating. The ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ cast member Robyn Dixon recently admitted that her husband Juan Dixon, did in fact have an affair with a woman while they were engaged. And that was one of the reasons why their wedding was delayed. Last week a woman came forward alleging that she had a relationship with Juan during the pandemic and she literally had receipts to prove it.”

She added, “Ooh honey, yes for the starless Robyn Dixon, child.”

Charlamagne Tha God then asked, “Starless?” And NeNe stood firm, “Star-less.”

NeNe then elaborated, “These girls on these shows are just not stars. If you really look at it, all of the stars that were on any of these franchises, they took them off. And everybody left is starless, now go on.”

In response, Charlamagne said, “I thought that show got higher ratings?”

And NeNe was not impressed, “Oh does it? When’s the last time you looked at those ratings, honey? Those ratings are fleeting.”

NeNe also addressed Robyn saying that the woman Juan dealt with was just trying to use them to become famous.

“So the side piece was going to become famous off of them. But are they famous?”

Charlamagne strongly argued that Gizelle and Robyn are famous. However, NeNe wasn’t having it.

“They’re not famous, they may be known. There’s a difference between famous and known.”

DJ Envy brought up Kandi Burruss and questioned if NeNe considers her to be famous. NeNe answered after a couple of shady moments of silence, “I haven’t said anything, I’m just looking at y’all. Say what now? Just tell me again? I will give Kandi, yeah. But everyone else, I don’t see it. I think they’re known.”


  1. She’s right. My mom is in her 60s but she knows exactly who NeNe, Porsha, Kandi, Kenya, Phaedra and Cynthia are. But she has no idea who Robyn and Gizelle are. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. That’s because RHOA really was legendary. You can look at the ratings from when it was the top dog and see how much influence they had on pop culture and reality television even to this day. Robyn and Gizelle don’t even have any iconic moments I can think of. Meanwhile, NeNe and the girls have plenty!

      1. What’s not landing is this remedial and slow a-s reply you wrote. Barely anyone watches RHOP. So let’s start there Einstein.

        1. LOL. More people would actually watch RHOP if they didn’t allow Gizelle and Robyn to ruin it and hold it back all these years.

      2. Your reading comprehension is trash and your personality is insufferable. NeNe’s whole point is these girls aren’t stars because no one knows them outside of RHOP. Unlike the RHOA girls, they never crossed over to other popular entertainment mediums to become widely known. My husband doesn’t watch RHOA, but he knows exactly who NeNe is. I don’t understand how you’re confused and trying to be shady at the same time. Get lost and leave Tea alone.

      3. Just like Gizelle and Robyn are dud housewives, their fans are duds too. Y’all suck at reads, throwing shade, and always get eaten up on here, Twitter, and everywhere else. LOL.

  2. When RHOA was at its peak, everybody watched it. Even straight men. Every race too. That’s one thing I’ll always give Carlos and RHOA vets credit for. He stayed on all of them to be real and it made the show excellent. Even the husbands brought it. RHOP could never and Gizelle and Robyn hold the show back from being great.

    1. Nene is always shady, and she is going to give her opinion. She is correct they are known. Giselle and Robyn are both known for having cheating men.

  3. NeNe can be mean and shady but sometimes her assessments are on point. I still don’t understand what Bravo ever saw in Gizelle and Robyn. They are boring and use their coworkers to deflect from actually doing their jobs (showing their whole lives on RHOP). Oh and Kenya is a whole celebrity too. She was famous before RHOA.

    1. They used them because they and pretty bright and d-mn near white. They bring face value and nothing else. Boring personalities and dry reads. Cancel RHOP like yesterday!

  4. She’s right. NeNe, Porsha, Kandi, Kenya, Phaedra and Cynthia have been on other shows and make a lot of guess appearance work outside of the Franchise. Robyn and Gizelle only appearances with Andy once in a blue moon, the low budget youtube / podcast. RHOA some of those women have worked outside of the franchise. H-ll even Quad worked outside of the Franchise .. it is what it is

    1. Nooooooooo don’t fire Robyn Potomac is my show 😆 😂 🤣 😎 Gizelle too NeNe is hilarious she is absolutely thee Queen of RHOA she is absolutely a star shady is what she do 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆

  5. I used to love RHOP but I can’t say Nene is wrong here. RHOP is in a lot of trouble. This season was bad and it’s because Robyn and Gizelle decided to tell some horrible lies on the others so they could keep Juan’s tea off the show. It’s a despicable thing to do.

  6. Nene, GTFOH, you are known yourself and NOT famous. So mean spirited all the time and trying to bring other women down. And she wonders why no one stood by her in her fight with Bravo. And STOP trying to get attention to come back to our screens . Some of us dont miss your toxicity. Bye Felicia!!!

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