LAMH Star Stormi Steele Reveals Status with Melody Holt + Martell Holt’s Mistress Slams Her

Melody Holt Stormi Steele LAMH
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Martell Holt’s former mistress continues to be vocal on social media.

Love and Marriage: Huntsville” fans have had rather strong opinions regarding Arionne Curry, Martell Holt‘s former mistress. This stems from her now strained relationship with Martell.

Recently, Arionne called out Martell after Martell and RHOA star Sheree Whitfield went public about their relationship. Arionne’s contentious history with Melody Holt is also a hot topic.

As a result, many LAMH fans are vocal regarding anyone who seemingly sides with Arionne. Melody’s friend and LAMH co-star Stormi Steele is now in the fans’ crosshairs regarding a rumored friendship with Arionne.

Well, Stormi went live on Instagram to explain how she knows Arionne, responding to the rumors. She also addressed how people said she was copying Melody’s business moves and how they want her to have tension with Melody. This led to Arionne clapping back.

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  1. I’m confused…

    Stormi is Mel’s friend.
    Mel’s husband had a whole baby with Arionne.
    Arionne knew that her baby daddy was married to Mel but she still slept with him.

    This is not reason enough to dislike Arionne as Mel’s friend?

  2. I’m trying to figure out why the mistress so angry…. She’s too angry for many absurd reasons when you involved yourself in this situation cause you carried on with a deceitful , manipulative, very married man and then brought an innocent child into this. Furthermore, nothing stormi said was disrespectful or rude at all, all the young lady said was she don’t know you at all she don’t even know you to even dislike you . How you’re so triggered by that is bogus.

  3. Argonne needs to stop with her f*ckery and raise her baby. She’s too concerned about people talking about her. Well, she did it to herself!
    Unprotected s-x with a married man? I want to know what lie Marty told her and she believed it?

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