Stormi Steele’s Mother Gives New Reason for Dislike of Melody Shari + Stormi is Perplexed

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Melody Shari and Stormi Steele’s friendship took a hit.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Shari and Stormi Steele appeared to be on good terms at the conclusion of the previous season. However, that didn’t stop Stormi’s mother from coming for Melody on social media. In fact, she was critical in fan group pages related to the show. This was puzzling to most since they weren’t aware that there were any issues between Stormi and Melody. So they called out Miss Bettie and accused her of being unnecessarily messy. Regardless of the backlash, Miss Bettie refused to back down from her strong anti-Melody opinions. Considering Bettie’s actions online, fans in the know probably weren’t surprised that the current season began with tension between Melody and Stormi.

Stormi had a different reason for the change in her relationship with Melody. She said that it bothered her that she didn’t hear from Melody for a couple of months. This took place after the LAMH cast concluded filming the previous season. Melody didn’t think that Stormi would mind not receiving phone calls from her for a short time. She figured that Stormi would better understand the need for solace even though Destiny Payton struggled.

However, Stormi started to feel a way just like Destiny did. So she wasn’t feeling it when Melody called her from a burner phone and invited her to Kimmi Scott’s event. Kimmi wanted to celebrate her success with chemotherapy. And she put Melody in charge of inviting her guests of choice.

Stormi accepted the invite to Kimmi’s celebration. But she also confronted Melody about the issue at the event. Stormi told Melody that she texted her and never received a response. And Melody said that she actually changed her phone number. Melody has alleged she changed her number because Martell Holt allegedly hacked her phone. Regardless, she felt like it wasn’t a big deal. In Melody’s opinion, Stormi could have just sent a DM if there was any confusion.

In a green screen interview, Stormi said she’s never had a friend do this.

Interestingly enough, Stormi’s mother confirmed her dislike of Melody during the season premiere. Miss Bettie told Stormi that she decided she didn’t like Melody after their first meeting. But Melody made an interesting revelation during an interview with Carlos King. And she said that Miss Bettie actually didn’t like her before they even met. This will play out on the show because Miss Bettie’s past social media comments will be brought to light by a cast member.

Miss Bettie reveals a new reason for her dislike of Melody Shari.

Well, Miss Bettie confirmed that she didn’t like Melody before they met. She did so during Stormi’s recent interview with Carlos King. When Carlos asked her if the dislike began before their meeting, Miss Bettie said that she already didn’t like Melody just from watching LAMH. But it’s what she said about their first meeting that had Stormi and Carlos perplexed. It’s pertaining to a conversation she had with Stormi about her grandson Chess.

Bettie said, “It started from being on the show. Then when I first met her, she came to Stormi house. Before she got here, Stormi and I had had a conversation about Chess. I said Chess was spoiled. And Stormi said no he wasn’t. So Melody and Stormi had went off to another room. Melody had came back to the room where I was. She had Chess. And she said, Miss Bettie, you were right. We’re gonna have to do something with Chess and la la la la.”

She continued, “It happened. And when she said it, I’m like why is she telling me this? I don’t like nobody trying to side with me when I know you’re not meaning what you’re saying. Just because I’m Stormi’s mother. Don’t do that. Try to play me for stupid. Don’t do that.”

Stormi then asked, “She really believe that ****…like she really believes that like I don’t see the problem. Why did that bother you?”

Bettie answered, “You pick up reads on people. I have worked in classrooms with kids for over 33 years not knowing each individual personality and personality types. So I picked up on it.”


  1. Stormi said her mom has never liked any of her friends or her husband sooooo clearly she’s just a hateful person. This didn’t need to be a storyline.

    1. Exactly. These mothers don’t even act like they are elders. They are embarrassing and behave like little children. Imagine being a grandmother and picking a fight with a woman your child’s age for no reason whatsoever other than jealousy. I stay away from black women like this and their children too. An apple don’t fall too far from the tree. So I’m side eying Stormi moving forward.

  2. This woman has an envious spirit and she had no business teaching children. She’s the type to bully innocent black girls because she thinks they “think they all that.” Im sure she was pitting those little girls against each other like she’s done to Stormi’s friends her whole life. So low vibrational.

  3. She needs to sit her bitter a-s down somewhere. This woman doesn’t like anybody because she doesn’t even like herself. Foh. The black community is full of Betties and I can’t stand them.

  4. Again we have another cast mate that’s willing to put their mother on television to be embarrassed and humiliated just for a check or promotion.
    At least Wanda started out entertaining

  5. Backwoods Bitter Bettie needs to get her a life. Carlos, why did you bring another Wanda with no storyline and meddling in something that’s none of her business. Stop trying to live your life through your daughter. That train has passed.

    1. This lady is picking up where Wanda left off…and it’s making her look real foolish….I’m so glad Melody pulled back from Stormi!!! It’s like once I see u moving funny….I will politely remove myself from the situation!!! I don’t blame Melody at all… Protect your peace from the leeches!!! And Bitter Petty Bettie needs to just somewhere and read herself a book!!!

  6. What mel said was nothing to get mad about, and like bette said she didn’t like mel from the beginning, well I feel this is pure animosity towards someone she don’t even know, get it right ms bette and stop being a hater.

  7. People like Ms. Bettie is the reason ratings are dropping and people are losing interest in the show. I was under the impression that this show was about uplifting the community and celebrating the success of three real estate couples. The show could have kept Ms. Wanda if they were looking for Queen of Ratchet. Ms. Bettie needs to be remove immediately. People like her try to come up by insulting and disrespecting others. She needs to seek employment elsewhere. As long as she is on the show, I’m not watching nor am I shopping with Canvas Beauty

  8. GET THE H-LL OUTTA HERE!!!!!! I know d-mn well that’s not her reason for not liking Mel…BITTER BACK BETTIE just join the HATE MEL BECAUSE SHE BAD BANDWAGON there”s room….Carlos could have left you BEHIND the scene because you are not NEEDED at all….we have enough GETTO MOMMA’S on reality tv….

  9. Stormy mother iss a non factor trying to get her 10 minutes of fame. Stormy needs to tell her mother to stay out of it. If I was Melody this would be Stormy last season. She’s acting just like Wanda. She shouldn’t have even been at the tea. Stormy has her panties in a bunch just like Destiny did . These grown women have a problem with Melody shutting down after the season. I would to with all the haters and their Mommas.

  10. It’s amazing how he had everything at home beautiful wife and kids, and still wasn’t happy. Now that he blow it all for some molded cheese. HE’S mad and still trying to call shots..

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