Chris Samuels is Photographed Out & About with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Amid Divorce?

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Chris Samuels and Monique Samuels weren’t able to save their marriage.

Monique Samuels and Chris Samuels have decided to pull the plug on their marriage. The confirmation of their split occurred months after they denied initial reports. In fact, Monique and Chris did an Instagram Live session to address the divorce rumor. They said they were working on their marriage but time apart was helping a lot. After it was reported Monique was the one who filed for divorce, she later explained things to her Instagram followers. And she said that she and Chris had gotten to the point that they were fighting a lot. So to protect their children from becoming adults in toxic relationships, they wanted to be a better example and walk away peacefully. In Monique’s opinion, she and Chris just grew apart over the years.

Chris hasn’t said anything publicly about the breakup. However, fans noticed that he quietly unfollowed Monique on Instagram. So it’s possible that he and Monique aren’t currently on the best of terms as they navigate through the end of their marriage. This probably isn’t all that surprising for the people who managed to watch Chris and Monique’s short time on “Love & Marriage: DC.” They clashed a lot on the show and this sometimes made the other cast members very uncomfortable.

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and Chris Samuels were spotted together recently?

Well, Chris certainly has folks talking on social media thanks to a certain picture that is now making rounds on the internet.

The photo allegedly shows Chris and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan eating together outside of a restaurant. While there was no evidence of anything romantic going on, some “Real Housewives of Potomac” fans think it’s messy to see them together. This is due to what happened on and off of the show.

Monique specifically said that Charrisse was one of the main sources of the cheating rumors. And that is why she was on Chris’ bad side. Back then, Monique was accused of having an affair with her trainer. Gizelle Bryant even questioned if Chris and Monique’s youngest son was fathered by the trainer.

Chris and Monique were offended by the gossip. Both denied that there was any truth to what was alleged. Monique denied the affair completely. She went on to allege that a former close friend made up the rumors. And Charrisse allegedly was the one who brought this to Gizelle and the others.

You can check out the photo here.


    1. Why? Monique never appreciated that man. He could do nothing right and she was cheating herself. I’m happy for Chris. He deserves happiness.

      1. Turn down the pick me sh-t a bit because you sound crazy. I doubt Chris is dating Charrisse. But he looks dumb as f-ck hanging out with the same woman who said his youngest son isn’t his child.

        1. Lmao probably because it’s NOT his child and maybe that’s why they are divorcing Chris because Monique was to messy for me

  1. Charrisse and Chris hanging out After Charrisse said
    Monque was having an affair with a trainer and her pregnancy was not with Chris’s?
    How low can you go Chris?

  2. I wish people would understand that a divorce doesn’t have to be messy and mean spirited. Chris should be ashamed of himself.

  3. Oh wow! I don’t think I could ever link up with someone who was spreading nasty rumors about my wife and son. But divorce does bring out the worst in a lot of people.

  4. Monique has posted lots of pictures of her and some guy on her instagram who are very close. At least Chris is a long distance from Charisse and it doesn’t look like a romantic date.

  5. I definitely dont think its romantic but after what she did, its trifling for them to even be anywhere together

    1. Exactly! Chris could of had dinner with any number of people but chose a Women who insulted him and his unborn child. Monique did right for divorcing this fool!

  6. Why ever Chris was with Charisse, it is a bad look for him? Charisse spread rumors that he wasn’t his child ‘s father. Be mad that the marriage ended, but befriending Charisse is not a good look.

  7. There’s pictures of him with other housewives as well Karen Hugger was pictured with him it looks like at a tennis court. So what why does it automatically mean an affair maybe he needs to just talk dang.

  8. Chris has the right to do as he pleases. As for the pic, yes it’s him and Charisse out eating. No one knows what this was about or when, just jumping to conclusions and being messy. I don’t see either of them as the type to date eachother but I will say I’m happy for Chris to be out of that torture chamber as I felt he took too much bullsh-t and disrespect from a women who never really loved him…Phonique was all for self and she WAS cheating! Argue with ya momma….Not me! Good luck Chris…find you a real women.

  9. I think this just shows Chris is messy too and far from the victim the Monique haters said he was. Carry on.

  10. He’s definitely on some petty stuff lol and this is clearly not romantic y’all. I feel that Monique had one foot out the door when they were on Love & Marriage DC, I mean, the man couldn’t do anything right in her eyes. It was cringy to watch. Too bad he is going the petty route tho..and I hope they can divorce amicably at some point.

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