Ralph Pittman Apologizes to Marlo Hampton for Checking Her in a Text Message

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Drew Sidora was dragged into Marlo Hampton and Kandi Burruss’ feud.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Marlo Hampton and Drew Sidora are currently not on the best of terms. As we reported, Marlo didn’t like the fact that Drew wouldn’t call the incident that took place at Kandi Burruss‘ restaurant, Blaze Steak & Seafood, a “shooting.” Marlo thought that Drew avoided doing so because she didn’t want any bad blood with Kandi. In Marlo’s opinion, Drew and some others fear a fallout with Kandi. So they won’t disagree with her due to fear that it could lead to bigger problems down the line. In fact, Marlo has even accused Kandi of not wanting to show the downs of her life on the show.

Marlo later explained that the shooting “triggered” her about her nephew’s death. He was killed by his roommate. And Marlo said he worked at Old Lady Gang at some point before his demise. However, he was not working at the restaurant when he was killed. So Kandi just felt like Marlo was using her loved one’s death to take her down.

Regardless, Marlo has accused Kandi of not showing much empathy about her nephew’s death. She also accused Kandi of not acknowledging it. However, producers showed old footage of Kandi consoling Marlo about the situation when it happened.

Ralph Pittman tries to right his wrong with Marlo Hampton.

Marlo went on to say that Kandi should have sent her family flowers and catered food from OLG. So Kandi has washed her hands of Marlo. Drew is just about there since Marlo not only yelled at her over the situation but Marlo rubbed Drew the wrong way on the recent episode. Kandi and Drew argued about Season 13. Drew once again denied kissing LaToya Howard. And Marlo texted the video to LaToya, telling her that she was allegedly being lied on.

When Drew confronted Marlo about this, insults were exchanged. At some point, Drew asked Marlo how she makes her money and if she pays her taxes. In response, Marlo said that she works in tech just like Ralph Pittman. And taxes are public information so Drew can look up Marlo’s tax history if she wants. But Drew should know this because Ralph works in the tech industry.

Drew then returned to Ralph and told him he was brought up during the argument. In response, he texted Marlo, urging her to keep his name out of her mouth.

Apparently, Ralph watched the episode. And what he saw made him take to X to apologize to Marlo.

He wrote, “I’m sorry @iheartMarlo. I was given incorrect information. You didn’t say anything wrong. #RHOA”


  1. He did the right thing. And moving forward, all these women need to stop dragging these men into their mess. It’s unnecessary.

      1. Absolutely, B! I agree! And yes, Queen I agree with you too.
        But, Yes, But! I am so sick and tired of my Aquarius sister, Marloooo! Yes, Marloooo! Her emotions run too deep and when you offend her in any way, there is no limit in what she will say or do. Marloooo needs psychotherapy and that’s for real.

        She is a debbie downer and hurts people when it’s not even necessary. Her self-esteem behind all of the clothes is very low. Her height, her feet, her speech etc. However, if she was more pleasant no one would pay that much attention to her shortcomings. Unfortunately, I don’t think any man can handle being with her for long. God can change anybody but he’s got his work cut out for him with Marlooo.

        Best wishes!

  2. The cast lacks chemistry and it’s just hard to even care about any of the storylines right now. I have never not cared like this.

    1. Oh it’s definitely a chemistry issue. But they don’t want to rehire the people Drew, Kenya, Kandi, Marlo, and Sheree actually have good chemistry with. So the show is just stuck in an unwatchable state.

  3. These arguments are so JUVENILE Bravo yall have to do better NO REBOOT just replace a couple and add a couple….Keep Kenya,Drew,Sheree even boring Kandi she gave more this season then she has in years ….bring Porsha and Toya Wright to the group

  4. Nothing like admitting a mistake and saying that I am sorry. More people should try it. You are not showing weakness by admitting that you are wrong, the weakness is not admitting it.

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