Carlos King Crowns Juan Dixon as Most Disrespectful Husband + LAMH Fans Respond

Juan Dixon RHOP Season 8
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Juan Dixon’s absence from the RHOP Reunion was called out by Andy Cohen.

The latest “Real Housewives of Potomac” season is easily one of the most controversial. Fans and Andy Cohen feel the cast is too divided. As a result, watching the show is no longer enjoyable to RHOP fans; it’s just frustrating.

The reunion for Season 8 has been just as contentious so far. Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard Bassett’s exchange clarified that they won’t be moving forward. In fact, Candiace recently confirmed the current season will be her last for a while. She decided not to return for Season 9 before casting decisions were made. Right now, Candiace prefers to focus on her music and acting careers, but she hasn’t ruled out coming back sometime later in the future.

Robyn Dixon is another person Candiace couldn’t hash things out with at the reunion. However, Robyn’s hot seat moments involved Juan Dixon. Juan was a no-show as Robyn was asked to discuss the cheating accusations he’s been hit by. She attempted to defend Juan and again said she believed his version of events. Andy and Wendy Osefo pointed out that it just looks like Juan isn’t all that supportive of her. Wendy, in particular, said it was messed up that Juan was absent when he knew Robyn would be grilled for his alleged actions. Juan and Robyn have denied he cheated with either woman.

Juan Dixon is the “most disrespectful man” Carlos King has seen on Reality TV?

Carlos King discussed the situation on his YouTube channel. He thinks Juan is the most disrespectful man on reality television.

“Juan Dixon has to be hands down the most disrespectful man I’ve ever seen on reality television.”

He continued, “I think it’s so ****** up that your wife has to stand alone to answer questions about the transgressions that he made in his life that impacted her and her position on this show. It was sad to see Robyn had to sit there and answer questions about Juan as the breadwinner, as the person on the show for eight seasons and she didn’t do anything wrong.”

Carlos feels it’s a loveless marriage on Juan’s end.

“Robyn if you’re listening, that man don’t love you.”

He also said that Gordon Thornton showed up at the reunion to support Mia Thornton despite her unfaithfulness, highlighting his points.

While some agreed with Carlos’ perspective, others wanted Carlos to remember Martell Holt exists.

One X user wrote, “Martell Holt is the most disrespectful man on TV …he impregnated his wife with a 4th kid knowing he hadn’t changed but wanted to tie her down(it backfired); he also impregnated his side chick while still married. Martell was also charged with DV…but you won’t talk about that.”

Another wrote, “He employs Martell Holt and thinks Juan Dixon is the worst!?”


  1. Heavenly and Carlos have way too much time on their hands. Anyway, this is just another example of him ignoring the problem with his own shows but obsessing over Bravo. It’s so strange.

  2. No Carlos, Juan has to move over and take a tiara, because that crown will always be Martell Holts crown until he learns to be better and take a humility class in not being so arrogant and narcissistic. They’re both cheaters but the crown belongs to Martell Holt.

  3. Juan didn’t sign up for Potomac, Robin did! He probably told her up front what the deal is, what their relationship is and will be, and what he will and will not do. Robin proceeded like she did and probably always does……emotions first……that’s how her friend stole all their money because she wouldn’t listen when Juan told her to pump the breaks on investing ALL their MONEY. Her guilt from that is why she turns the other check when it comes to anything negative about Juan

    1. I think this is why Robyn needs to leave the show. If her husband doesn’t want to be there and transparency isn’t what they’re willing to give, they aren’t entitled to stay on the show and collect a check. It’s a job, either perform or be fired. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    2. A lot of Women are cool with sharing🫢. He probably was up front about it and she’s cool with it.

  4. The only difference could be, that every now and then Holt pretends he cares for his former wife. Dixon never acts as if he cares, period. Then he had the audacity to remarry the woman, while continuing to cheat.

  5. Carlos has a point, but he employs Martell Hoyt. Juan is not employed by Bravo, Robyn is. He should care because; he is married to Robyn, care how his actions affect her and her career, but he just doesn’t. It one can see that. Like the cast said as long as she believes.

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