Watch: Stevie J Embarrasses Himself & Mimi During Business Function

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mimi Faust and her ex Stevie J didn’t work out romantically, but that didn’t stop the former couple from going into business together.  However, Stevie apparently isn’t wasting any time in showing Mimi that was probably a bad idea.

VH1 writes:

Stevie and Mimi drama? Already? In a sneak peek for the first episode of season four, Mimi invites her ex to a performance of an artist she’s managing, Tiffany Foxx, but Sleazo shows up way turnt up. Karlie and Rasheeda laugh off Stevie’s behavior but Mimi seems hurt and surprised.


  1. I’m not buying this whole management storyline. They really try to make Mimi seem like she’s a business woman.

  2. Why do they keep forcing/faking a relationship w/ Mimi & Steebie ? Mimi does this to herself …. Let him be miserable & crazy alone

    And since I still haven’t heard of Tiffany, I’m gonna say she probably flopped…. Shocked *Sarcasm*

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