Watch: Kenya Moore Goes After Kim Fields’ Husband

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore’s war with RHOA newbie Kim Fields continues.

In the upcoming episode, Kenya will drop a pretty major bomb and she tells the other ladies that she’s heard Kim Fields’ husband Chris is actually into men.

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    1. This. Anyway, Kenya continues to try people she thinks are weak. Something tells me Kim is going to surprise her like Porsha did.

  1. And this is why I don’t understand how Kenya even has stans. She’s messy and is always in someone else’s business because else doesn’t have any of her own. If that man is gay what the hell does that have to do with Kenya? Doesn’t she have a new fake relationship to keep her busy? LOL.

  2. I think Kenya should mind her own business. But that’s not going to happen because stirring the pot and being involved in things that have nothing to do with her is all she knows.

  3. Kenya really needs to grow up. To sit there and discuss someone’s marriage like that when they aren’t there to defend themselves is wrong.

  4. Kenya Moore is the most WACK-EST HUMAN IN HISTORY … I swear one day somebody is going to give her a face-lift and I’m not talking beauty …. SMH … But she CLAIMS she has it all together .. She aint SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  5. Kenya , clearly you’re not so sure …In speaking of , there was a rumor that Walter said Kenya has a stench down there that turned him off and he wouldn’t touch her . Don’t know what’s what , but three of those housewives accused her of foul kitty during the bottle action reunion.. I don’t put anything pass her , but not accusing someone I’ve never met . Js

  6. Kenya is the most annoying housewife of all time. I really didn’t think anyone could ever top Nene in that department.

  7. I find it cowardice is that Cynthia and Sheree didn’t speak up,or walk out. They had so much to say in the confessional but when Kenya was “spilling tea” they didn’t speak at all.

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