Courtney Kemp Spills Some ‘Power’ Season 5 Tea

Courtney Kemp has been vocal about the various directions her creation “Power” has taken. Recently, fans were shocked with the actions of Tariq.

As many fans of the show were reeling from the death of Raina, due to Tariq’s actions, they were utterly shocked to see Tariq help Dre.

In the season premiere, Tariq overheard Ghost and Tommy having shooters in position to take out Dre. Tariq texted a tip to Dre, allowing him to avoid being shot and kidnapped. Tariq’s actions left many people wondering why he would help Dre.

Well, Courtney came across a debate surrounding Tariq’s actions on Twitter. Someone asked Courtney to tell her friend that Tariq had no influence on warning Dre. Courtney actually agreed with the notion that Tariq helped Dre.

Jemele Hill then jumped into this debate, saying it’s more difficult than ever to like Tariq. Jemele feels that Tariq underestimated the power Ghost and Tasha really have in handling someone like Dre. Courtney replied to Jemele, telling her Tariq doesn’t believe Ghost about Dre. Tariq also thinks his parents shouldn’t be angry with Dre, as he feels that Dre tried to help him with Ray Ray.

Lastly, Courtney revealed light tea, saying that Tariq’s faith in Dre will cost him dearly in the season.

Check out the tweets below.

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