‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Don Gives Update on ‘Pregnant’ Mistress + Ryan is Done with Charmaine

It’s 1:30 am and Junior is still trying to fight security.

Ryan is trying to calm everyone down and gets hit in the face by accident by Junior after he stands in the middle of him and security. Phor walks up on Ryan to check on him after he’s hit.

In a green screen interview, Phor says that he didn’t see Junior hit Reese but he feels Junior was out of control.

Junior pushes another member of security and goes to his room to pack up his things. Producers decided that Junior and Adriana should leave for the safety of everyone else.

After they leave, Ryan and Phor talk about the brawl. They feel it was stupid and could have been avoided.

Hours later, Ryan is using ice on his swollen face. It’s swollen thanks to Junior.

Bella comes to the kitchen and can’t really recall what even happened after drinking so much. Ryan tells her what happened.

Meanwhile, Reese tells Loyal Ink that she’s doing okay as she holds ice up to her face. She’s still convinced she was punched in the face by Junior.

Don says that he doesn’t understand how things went left. Lily says that Junior was “taunting” her so that’s why she ran up on him.

Back at the new 9Mag house, Ryan tells Bella she slept through all of the chaos.

“I’m glad I was f*cking sleep. It seems like I was the most peaceful one.” – Bella

Phor gets some bad news.

After the brawl, Phor tries to get back to normalcy.  So he heads to the studio.

He feels it’s best he doesn’t go back to Chicago and wants to go back to LA instead so he can focus on his music career.

“This is my work. This is my legacy. Not 9Mag and Loyal Ink.” – Phor

It’s the night of Phor’s show. Both groups show up for it. It’s awkward as they don’t speak to each other.

Phor breaks the ice and speaks to everyone. He refuses to participate in the drama. He also makes sure Don is okay. He tells Don that he was hurt that he couldn’t check on Don when everything was going on.

Don says things popped off before they could even speak.

London On Da Track walks up to speak. He pulls Phor to the side and tells him that Phor can’t perform. Apparently the promoters of the show are the same ones who were the promoters for the block party. They don’t want Phor or Loyal Ink or 9Mag anywhere near the event after what transpired the other day.

Frustrated to hear this, Phor explains he had nothing to do with the brawl.

“I feel you but they was with you though.” – London

After London walks away, Phor goes off on everyone. Lily says Junior is the one who started everything.

He then questions why everyone is mad at each other. He doesn’t understand the beef. He’s also upset that things happened the way they did because the show was the whole purpose for being in Jamaica.

Phor storms off with Nikki walking behind him and tosses a drink.

Don then pulls Ryan to the side and asks Ryan if there’s a way both groups can make peace. He wants to do a sit down dinner.

Ryan is okay with this and they dap to it.

Jenn and Van hash things out.

The next day, Charmaine tells the others that she feels guilty for ruining Phor’s opportunity.

They all sit down at the pool and have drinks so they can relax.

Reese ends up taking her swimsuit top off and hopping on Van’s shoulders while they are in the pool.

Jenn pulls up to the house while this is going on. Apparently Nikki told her how to find Van.

She shows up to the pool and gets angry when she sees a topless Reese on top of Van’s shoulders. Reese falls off Van’s shoulders when she sees Jenn, and Jenn jumps in the pool to confront Van.

He then jumps out the pool and she chases him.

Van eventually stops running and they sit down and talk.

In a green screen interview, Van says he has cheated too but he thought he and Jenn were past that now. She apologizes for her actions.

As Jenn tears up, Van accepts her apology.

He feels they have too much history to just give up on their relationship.

“I love the sh*t out of you, crybaby.” – Van

They kiss and make up.

Danielle has a medical scare.

The group gets on the bus to see street vendors. Danielle says she can’t breathe and she believes she’s having a panic attack.

It is said that Danielle was hyperventilating. So the group decides to rush her to the hospital.

Unable to find a hospital nearby, they take Danelle to a medical center. They aren’t allowed to film there.

When Charmaine comes out, she says that Danielle got a prescription and she just wants to go back to the house and lay down.

Ashley and Don have a romantic day together.

Back at the house, Don surprises Ashley with flowers.

He wants to remind her that he values their friendship. They head out for the day.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says she hopes they stay in a peaceful place.

Don takes her to a nearby beach.

They flirt while in the water. When they get out, they drink some champagne and talk.

Ashley thanks Don for doing something so sweet for her. But she thinks they should talk about the fact that they are still separated because he cheated.

He tells Ashley that Ta’Shay is not even pregnant. He says he doesn’t know all the details but she isn’t pregnant.

In a green screen interview, he says Ta’Shay lied to break up him and Ashley. Producers then show Ta’Shay on SnapChat rocking lingerie with no baby bump.

A couple of hours later, Danielle walks out of the medical center.

Charmaine helps her to the car.

In a green screen interview, Charmaine says Danielle had a panic attack and the drama may have caused it.

While in the car, Charmaine tries to calm her down as she breathes in and out of a bag.

“I just need to lay down.” – Danielle

Loyal Ink and the new 9Mag come face to face, again.

Loyal Ink’s time in Jamaica is coming to an end.

They all decide to have dinner. Don gives a speech and the new 9Mag shows up.

Ryan says it’s feels weird with Rachel and Junior being back in Chicago.

Don explains why he brought both groups together. He feels like miscommunication is the root of the issue.

Cobra wants to discuss Junior first. Ryan says that he’s not okay that Junior popped off. But he feels it has nothing to do with him.

Charmaine starts talking and she asks Ryan what problem he has with her.

He tells her he doesn’t have an issue with her but they aren’t friends anymore. Charmaine feels everything went wrong after the Kat situation and Ryan chose Rachel over everyone at 9Mag.

She admits it hurts her that they aren’t friends anymore.

But Ryan feels like true friends would understand why he would make his relationship with Rachel his highest priority

Don says he wants to understand how things got so bad.

Ryan feels like Charmaine was wrong to talk so reckless about him in the media.

He feels like they could never be close again. Charmaine says that she and Ashley have been through much worse, and they are friends now.  So she doesn’t understand why she and Ryan can’t forgive each other and move forward.

These words don’t do much to persuade Ryan. He says they can’t move forward because Loyal Ink doesn’t respect his relationship with Rachel.

Charmaine points out they have to forgive him for shooting up the shop. She wants Phor to speak up and say how he feels.

Phor doesn’t understand what he’s supposed to do. He just wants everyone to be cool again.

Don wants to know what side Phor is on.

He gets angry and says that Ryan picked sides when he left. Charmaine feels like Ryan owes everyone an apology for leaving them.

It gets silent as everyone awaits Ryan’s apology. But he sticks to his guns and doesn’t issue out an apology.

“F*ck y’all.” – Ryan

Van says that’s all he needed to hear and that they may as well just leave. Everyone gets up from the table and heads back to their houses.

After everyone leaves, Ryan spends some time to himself. He says that no one tried to hear what he was trying to say so he’s over it. He’s just ready to move forward.

He doesn’t feel like he will ever be friends again with anyone from Loyal Ink.

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