After Breakup with Niko Khale, Keyshia Cole Has a Complaint About Her Birthday

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Keyshia and Niko are no longer together.

Fans of Keyshia Cole have been wondering what’s been going on in her love life for weeks now. After Keyshia quoted a tweet from SZA that hinted at a breakup, the speculation began. Plus, it was also noticed that she no longer follows Niko Khale on Instagram.

However, Keyshia didn’t come out and confirm or deny anything at the time. So people were left to just continue to speculate and keep a close eye on Niko and Keyshia’s social media actions.

Plus, Keyshia wasn’t having it after someone said she can’t “keep a man.” She clapped back and said the issue is men struggle to keep her.

Keyshia isn’t thrilled about how different her birthday is this time around.

Interestingly enough, it would finally be Niko who confirmed that they had indeed broken up. On Instagram, one of Niko’s followers called him out. And they accused him of pretending he was okay even though he had to be hurting from the breakup. They also urged him to make things right and get back together with Keyshia.

In response to this, Niko wrote, “My heart is broken. My mind is open. My times approachin. ?? ? ”

It doesn’t seem as if Keyshia or Niko have their minds open to reconciling at some point in the future.

Keyshia seemingly addressed the breakup herself on Twitter. And she also revealed that she’s not thrilled to celebrate her birthday without some passion.

She wrote, “It’s been a long time Since I’ve had a BDay with no ?  2020 a dub ??‍♀️ ”


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