Kenya Moore Says Cynthia Bailey is Jealous Because She Got Along with RHUGT Cast Members

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Cynthia Bailey didn’t form the friendships she wanted on “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.”

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans have been discussing Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore’s fallout. Everything was fine between them until they filmed “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.” Before the ladies got together, some of them were worried about clashing with Kenya. So they called Cynthia to voice their concerns and to be assured that Kenya wasn’t impossible to get along with. However, it was Cynthia who struggled more to connect with the others.

It all started after her “Bailey-Q” didn’t go well. “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards took issue with Cynthia asking who was the prettiest woman there. Kyle thought this was inappropriate to be asking. Kenya agreed and said that it “marginalized” them. Cynthia pointed out that they do Bailey-Q on RHOA all the time. But Kenya said Cynthia should have switched things up for a new group.

Kyle detected that Cynthia was upset that she was offended by the question. She apologized a few times to Cynthia. But she later made it clear that she wasn’t interested in forming a friendship with Cynthia. In a green screen interview, Kyle said, “Do I think that Cynthia and I are going to be great friends? Probably not. She’s just not that fun.”

Things only got worse between Cynthia and Kenya as the season progressed. And they discussed this plenty in their confessionals.

Kenya Moore frustrated Cynthia Bailey.

Cynthia felt like Kenya didn’t support her. But over time, Kenya started to believe Cynthia was jealous she was getting along with everyone else with the exception of Ramona Singer. “You know, it’s interesting because on my show I’m usually the one that’s being pushed out from the friend circle. But here, I’m vibing with everyone. I’m finally feeling like people can see who I really am. And they like me. I think that Cynthia is just jealous because she’s not really vibing with these women.”

Cynthia would later admit she was a bit jealous. “I’ve just never had to fight for Kenya’s attention before because, in our group of girls, she doesn’t have that many friends.”

On the last night there, Cynthia attempted to talk things out with Kenya while she was packing. But Kenya told her she didn’t want to talk because she wasn’t trying to end the trip in a negative way. This hurt Cynthia. “She shut me down and told me she doesn’t have time for this. When I walked out of her room, I think there was a part of my heart that just kinda closed up.”

Kenya Moore feels she did defend Cynthia Bailey.

As for Kenya, she would later make peace with Ramona. They hugged it out after Kenya snatched her up during an argument. Regardless, Kenya believed Cynthia was creating drama between them. But Cynthia was later told by Melissa Gorga that Kenya said Cyntia was jealous she and Kenya were connecting. Melissa said Kenya telling her this made her back off from getting to know Cynthia better.

Regardless, Kenya said she did have Cynthia’s back. “She didn’t see all of the times that I had her back talking to Kyle, and talking to LuAnn…everyone about, ‘No, Cynthia’s a good girl.’ Don’t try to make me look like I’ve done something wrong to you because I have not done anything wrong to you. That’s a trigger for me.”

Even though Kenya and Cyntia’s friendship fell apart, Kenya walked away from the trip feeling validated. I’ve been doing this for 9 or 10 years, and it is the first time that I’ve ever felt really accepted. I feel validated.” She added, “I feel like these women really see me for who I am.”

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