Jojo Simmons Calls out the ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Cast After Controversial Altercation

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Jojo Simmons wants the GUHH cast to do better.

Before Master P and Romeo Miller left “Growing Up Hip Hop,” they complained about how they felt the show was changing. In Master P’s opinion, GUHH was starting to become too much like “Love And Hip Hop.” At the time, Romeo had fallen out with Angela Simmons. He told Jojo Simmons what his issue was but he didn’t have a one on one conversation with Angela before leaving the show. So he and Master P left the show without making peace with the Simmons family. Interestingly enough, Jojo now has some concerns about the direction of the show after the latest episode.

Apparently, Jojo wasn’t happy to see Savannah Jordan and Cree Campbell run up on Sakoya Wynter at Lil Twist’s party.

He took to Twitter to ask the rest of the cast to try to do better moving forward.

Jojo wrote, “Growing Up Hip Hop is becoming too much of a dramatic show. I ask all my cast-mates and myself to use our voice and our actions and show ourselves in a better light. ?? #GUHH”

A Twitter user responded to the tweet, asking Jojo if the issue is the producers or cast because it seemed as if producers placed Cree and Savannah in situations that would result in that kind of drama. In response to this, Jojo wrote, “It’s both but producers can’t get what we don’t give them.”

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