Sheree Whitfield Responds After Martell Holt’s Former Mistress Calls Her Old

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Sheree Whitfield clapped back?

Martell Holt and Sheree Whitfield made headlines with their romance. Carlos King even said that it will be addressed on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” Fans can also assume that the custody battle between Martell and Melody Holt will also play out on the show. In the meantime, a lot of the drama has been playing out on social media. Martell’s former mistress Arionne Curry blasted Martell on Instagram. She accused him of still allegedly hooking up with her despite being with Sheree.  She also referred to Sheree as an “old *****.”

Arionne also said that she regrets having a child with a married man. She warned other women against this. And she also accused Martell of telling her that his romance with Sheree is just for business. This is something that Kandi Burruss has suspected. Plus, Tyrone Gilliams recently accused Sheree of lying on him for a storyline on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Well, Sheree seemingly responded on Instagram. On her Instagram Story, she reposted clips of herself from a fan. And she added the hashtag, “#oldandcold.”

You can check out the screenshot in the video below.

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  1. Argonne does not know who’s she’s effing with. I don’t care for Sheree but Arionne needs to acting like she doesn’t care.

  2. Martell needs to go somewhere and sit down and figure himself out! He appears to have a real disrespect of any woman who doesn’t cater to whatever his needs are at that moment, sadly it took a 12+ years of marriage and 4 beautiful babies before Melody figured it out and I still don’t think Cold Slaw has figured him out yet. I do so hope that Sheree doesn’t fall for his BS! LAMH needs to just stop giving Martell any air time because he doesn’t care about no-one but himself!

  3. It is truly embarrassing to see black women play themselves like this. I’m not ageist, but I can’t believe Sheree is in her 50s still dealing with this kind of foolishness. Does she not think she deserves better? I’m really trying to understand her thought process. Why is she like this? How does this woman have such a beautiful home but she doesn’t have the same high standards for the men she deals with?

  4. Has anyone stopped 2 think that maybe Sheree is just having a little fun y’all acting like she trying 2 marry his a-s!!!!

  5. What’s fun about wasting your time? I’m sorry but women need to utilize the common sense God gave us. Martell is the type of man you avoid at all costs. This will not end well.

  6. We have clear insight into who Martell is and what he is capable of. With a man like Martell, what’s the fun in catching a lil something to remember him by! These moments of pleasure could result in a lifetime of pain. Ain’t no D**k or warm body worth your peace.

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