Gizelle Bryant Claps Back at Critics Who Say She Can’t Keep a Man + Defends Robyn Dixon

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Ghost producing is something Gizelle Bryant doesn’t mind doing.

Gizelle Bryant is caught up in a lot of drama on the current season of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” In fact, fans had a lot to say after she accused Chris Bassett of making her feel uncomfortable at the Season 8 reunion. And they have been saying quite a bit about the situation on social media. Interestingly enough, Gizelle doesn’t seem to mind the criticism. So she addressed it and other topics when she appeared on “Reality with The King.” Carlos King had a lot of things he wanted to chat with Gizelle about.

Carlos feels like Gizelle is a “ghost producer.” She’s the type of cast member he feels will always make sure that RHOP is going to deliver. When Carlos asked Gizelle if it was Season 2 that made her become a ghost producer, she answered, “Probably so because if anybody that you know has worked with me from a producer perspective, they will tell you A. Gizelle listens, she takes notes. I don’t think that the producers are my enemy. I feel like we have a working relationship. Are they going to throw me under the bus at some point? Of course. But it’s a working relationship, okay?”

She added, “Season 1 I was just learning. Season 2, I was like I’m off the races, *****. Unleash me! Unless my ***. Okay? I’m ready!”

Robyn Dixon serves a purpose.

Gizelle confirmed that it bothers her when people state that Robyn Dixon brings nothing to RHOP, “It bothers me for several reasons. There’s been many of times when Robyn and I have disagreed on the show the past years and they don’t show it. She’s showing that she doesn’t agree with me all the time. She’s showing that she has her own voice which she does which if you want to hear more go to “Reasonably Shady” and listen to the podcast. But it bothers me because I know that’s not her. And that’s not a good description of her.”

She continued, “But Robyn is necessary and needed for the show. Look, you cannot have 7 Gizelles. You cannot have 7 Karens. You need diversity within the people who are there. And you need people to show up authentically. Authentically, Robyn is more of a peacemaker. You know, Robyn is somebody who wants to do her research. Dot all of her i’s, cross all of her t’s before she speaks. Gizelle just speaks. Karen just speaks. Ashley is just gon speak to you, do a flip, and come back and speak again.”

Gizelle thinks Robyn is needed because she’s laid back and the peacemaker.

The feud with Candiace Dillard Bassett was also discussed by Gizelle Bryant.

When it comes to Candiace Dillard Bassett accusing Gizelle of coming for Chris for a storyline, Gizelle thinks Candiace made the situation into a storyline.

“You might want to talk to Candiace. I think Candiace has made this a bigger issue and a bigger deal than Gizelle.”

She added, “This was blown out of proportion for no reason. And no I’m not tryna make Chris Bassett look bad. But sir, and I’m speaking to everybody, whatever you do in this world, you gotta own it. You made somebody feel uncomfortable. Just own it, apologize, and keep it moving. It’s not that big of a deal.”

Gizelle also said that everyone in the business knows that if someone continues to talk about something, it becomes a storyline. So in her opinion, it’s Candiace who won’t let it go.

She denied setting Chris up and compares Candiace’s emotional intelligence to a high schooler’s, “It’s not true and she knows it’s not true. And I get it. She’s trying to save face, I guess…the reason I wasn’t gonna say anything, because no one’s ever asked me why weren’t you going to say anything Gizelle? But it’s because Candiace is emotionally very immature…emotionally I know she has a hard time processing anything and we’ve seen it. And everything I’ve known about her, she’s emotionally like in high school.”

Gizelle Bryant doesn’t think Candiace Dillard Bassett handled the situation like a grown woman.

The jabs continued, “So I wasn’t going to say anything because I know Candiace is not a grown woman. A grown woman would have gone home and been like, ‘Boy, what happened?! What you say to Gizelle? Go apologize to that girl.’ That’s grown woman. Candiace is not there. I think that…again, there’s no reason why we should still be talking about this.”

Gizelle said it’s ridiculous that people come for her about being single, “It infuriates me when women always wanna be like, ‘Oh, she don’t have a man. She don’t have a man.’ As if that’s the only reason women wake up in the morning, to find one. I think that we do ourselves a disservice by acting like that’s all we’re good for is being connected to a man.”

And there’s more to life, “That’s all I wanna say about that. So women we need to do better cause that’s not even what life is all about. If you really living, that’s not what life is all about. So that’s all I wanna say about that.”

She also says she wishes all her co-stars remembered not to take anything personally because it’s just a job. They are there to entertain so she understands that shading her is good for the show. She just wishes everyone had her mentality.

You can listen to the whole episode here.

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  1. Gizelle understand the assignment – it’s just a job to her so she’ll get out of character multiple times if she has to because it’s all about the check for her. The attacking of marriages is unwarranted but what if the other cast members looked at the show as a job instead of a reality tv show? It might make it more interesting.

  2. Gizelle truly treats this like a job and it shows every season. But she has to ask herself how low she’s going to keep going to ghost produce. Is the karma worth it because it’s coming eventually.

  3. Now you need to go back and look at what RACHET man of Huntsville made you look when he talked with Candiace. I still say evert man that look at you don’t want you. You are the only woman on that show that every man on they you feel they want you. This is the third has been on this show has made you feel uncomfortable. Why not some of the other ladies, Robin, Candiace and Ashely they just as good or better than you and they have never had this to happen to them. WHY YOU EVERY TIME WHAT SPECIAL GOD GAVE TO YOU AND ONLY THAT MAKE THIS HAPPEN

  4. This bxtches seems to forget this is a reality show..creating a story is not reality..further she’s the inly one that’s not had a man husband dog bird etc..yet she on housewives show.its time for her to go..she hasn’t bring nothing since she going after people’s marriage!!

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